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They May Risk Your Sperm Count – But Volume Pills Assure The Safety

In a hurry to increase your semen load?
Top Volume Pills
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Although sex enhancement drugs and methods have traditionally targeted erectile dysfunctions and penis enlargement, but a great percentage of men have been coping with separate issues of lower sperm count and motility. For numerous men across the world who wish to have kids, these sexual issues have been great potential hurdles. So if you find yourself among those depressed men, then the amazing volume pills can furnish you with numerous reasons to smile.

If you pay a visit to your urologist or your health expert, probably, he will put forward you unhealthy eating habits, improper but tough scheduled daily life, and your other harmful habits, as the most primary reason for your declined fertility. Needless to say, he isn’t misleading you in any way or the other, in-fact even the studies have revealed these factors as the most potential cause for the great decline of 42 percent in male fertility over the last 50 years.


No doubt, there are no clear proves that aging has a great negative impact on a man’s fertility, but of course there have always been little evidences in favor of the statement. Besides, psychological and emotional issues, mental and physical stress, can be a great contributor to lower sperm counts.


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Cocaine, Marijuana, Tobacco, and alcohols, have been reported to decrease the sperm count and its motility by even 50 percent. Even after consuming those, if you are fortunate enough to have a normal sperm count, you can least expect your poor sperms to properly swim and pace for fertilizing the egg.

Besides, you would really be underestimating the role of smoking, if you merely say that it diminishes your sperm count. Studies have clearly revealed that by smoking you lessen your sex drive, decrease the lifespan of your sperms, and also subject your offspring to chances of genetic changes.


Chemical exposures too can lead to your infertility. So it’s always advisable to be refrain yourself from those potential ones like benzene, xylene, ethyl benzene, toluene, other plastic softening chemicals, oxygen free radicals, and pesticides like furans, DDT, aldrin etc.

So, since these few factors, that although may not seem too significant to you for such great loss of yours, are the primary culprits. So, abstaining from those will of course do the best for making you fertile. Another thing to note is that although men with such risk factors have greater possibilities of low sperm count. But eventually most of the rest men too will have to deal with sexual health concerns, with their age. But above all, you always have the volume pills to deal with all those issues effectively.

Irrespective of whatever is the cause for your low sperm count or motility, these natural pills have all effective contents that can well assure you a great boost to your counts, and total semen volume. Besides meeting these indispensable needs for your fertility, and a healthy sex life, the volume pills also have a great reputation for making you capable of attaining even multiple orgasms.

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