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7 Vital Tips To Naturally Enhance Sperm Count And Evade Infertility

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Several females have issues in conceiving a child, because of infertility problem in males. This condition may have been rooted by an obstruction in their ejaculatory tube, varicocele (scrotum veins get swollen), and sperm issues.

Sperm quality, quantity, mobility, and morphology are necessary for fertilization process. If there is deficiency in sperm count and potency then it cannot reach the ovum. Not just the female ovum, but also the male’s sperm must be of good quality to conceive a healthy baby. Therefore, many couples deciding parenthood take necessary precautions to enhance their sperm count naturally.

If there are doubts regarding the infertility issue between any partners then the one need to go under some medical tests? The reports will reveal the sperm quality, cell-structure, and motility. Low sperm volume issue can be resolved using medicines and surgery, but the general propensity is to find a way to enhance sperm count naturally.

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Here are some most popular methods that are helpful in enhancing the semen bulk and motility.

  • Balanced Diet – What you eat affects your overall and sexual health. Eating healthy can increase the chances of producing more semen. Incorporate whole grains, leafy vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins to augment the working of reproductive organs.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol – Nicotine and other matter that is included in cigarettes have adverse effect on sperm count and quality. Drugs and excessive intake of alcohol have the similar effect. Therefore, if you are considering to be a father than avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Even if you are on medication for any other health issues ask your doctor, if the pills will affect your fertility.
  • Minerals and vitamins – These are essential for a normal functioning of human body. Some of them are necessary for enhancing the sperm count in a natural way. Food rich in zinc, vitamin B, and Vitamin C are to be consumed regularly. Besides food you can also take herbal sperm enhancer supplements to enhance the vitamins and mineral percentage in your body.
  • Physical activity – An active body avoids any health issues. Exercise daily not just stimulates the muscular mass development and working of internal organs but also maintains the weight. Research has proved that very thin or overweight males have low chance to become a father.
  • Stay cool – Your reproductive organs must be kept cool. For this wear loose under clothes that can cause less friction. Similarly avoid excessive cycling if you are a sportsman, because friction frequency is not good. Friction can trigger more heat to the genitals, which has a detrimental effect on your sperm. So stay cool.
  • Avoid soaking in hot tubs – Staying in good health is vital, so bath is necessary. However, for getting your woman pregnant avoid excessive saunas and hot baths. Extreme heat adversely affects sperm production.
  • Watch your mobile phone – Avoid placing your mobile phones in the pocket. Sperm cells are sensitive and can adversely suffer from the radiation. So to improve your fertility avoid from all kinds of radiation.

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