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Achieving Orgasm Without Ejaculating – Have You Ever Given It A Thought?

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Ask any man about orgasm and ejaculation, chances are high that he would reveal both as the same process. There are chances that you too think the same way. However, it is not about ejaculating while you achieve a satisfying orgasm.

It’s simply a misconception. Believe it or not, but you can always achieve an ecstatic orgasm even without ejaculating. Are you surprised? Well, you need not be.

The Let Go V/S Holding It Back but Having Fun

After few pulsations and contractions in the penis, and in the pelvic and prostrate region, orgasm is the final release of your sexual tension. It would also include an enhanced heart rate, spasms in the legs, arms, and other body parts, and a surge in your blood pressure. On the other hand, ejaculation in simple words is the mere expulsion of semen from the very sensitive tip of your penis, a spontaneous spasm of the muscles.

Now, that might have cleared the line of distinction between the two concepts that you have always been confused with. Ejaculation is simply letting it go, and enjoy the pleasure. However, orgasm needn’t necessarily be followed with ejaculations. You can simply have the fun, and not shed your loads.

The Benefits You Could Expect

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Needless to mention, the very first advantage is that you are able to retain your erection for long, and continue having fun. While with ejaculation you can’t help losing your erection in seconds, when you achieve orgasm without ejaculating then you retain the firm state of your warrior for few more battles.

Now, that clearly reveals the very next advantage of it, and that is multiple orgasms. Yes, the concept that you have always entailed with women, can be experienced in your case too. Just think of the session, where you would enjoy the ecstasy more than once and that too without shedding your loads.

The How Part

Yes, that’s the most significant thing. You are now aware of the difference between the two, and you also wish to try having an orgasm with ejaculating, but the question is how to do that. Well, it really is not that difficult when you are aware of few effective techniques for the same.

For starters, it would be better if they can go for the start-stop technique. All you need to do is to pull your tool out, and let the sensations subside, before the point of no-return. Meanwhile, while you are out, you may also try to please her orally, make use of your fingers, and so.

Rhythmic, slow, deep, and controlled breathing has always been advised as one of the most effective ways for what you are seeking for. The factors are many that work. Firstly, this keeps your mind off your genitals and all the sensations. Besides, it also has a significant control on the internal movements and processes that would lead to ejaculations.

Hence, with a little concern you can always enjoy the pleasure of orgasm without losing your loads.

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