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Enjoying The Intense Pleasure For Long At The Point Of No Return

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The one who called ejaculation as the climax of all the fun and pleasure, might have never experienced the most blissful and ecstatic moments that he could experience. He just underestimated a man’s pleasure potential. By the way, why are you surprised at this? Did you too consider that brief rush of pleasure during male ejaculation, as the most ecstatic experience?

Probably, it’s because you have never known that every time while doing sex there is an opportunity, just before ejaculation, to experience the most pleasurable time. Here, while you are on the peak of arousal and just before genital release, there is a gateway which people usually miss. What’s beyond that? There, one can prolong his escalating arousal, experience it for long, and most significantly achieve mind-blowing full-body orgasms.

Do You Want That?

As a matter of fact, this gateway is visible only to the eyes of trained guys who have practiced controlling their ejaculations, prolonging it, and mastering it. Hence, they are able to retain this ecstatic state for long. Mere rush of the loads, with undesirable aftereffects like loss of erection, sexual desire, and energy, isn’t what they consider as the peak experience. Now, if that makes you interested in knowing the ways to control your ejaculations and to savor that ecstasy for long, a few effective tips can be of great help.

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Start Then Stop And Then Do It Again

It’s been quite long that you have been thrusting inside her. She feels great, and her expressions clearly reveal that. You are quite happy being able to furnish your girl with such pleasure. Hence, you don’t want to end it up soon, and you want to continue with it at least for some 15 minutes or so. However, it seems that the building rush inside your tool won’t let you last long.

Just slow down a bit, a little more, and then finally stop doing it for few minutes. Take your tool out, if you wish to. Now, for the time being, you may give oral pleasures to your girl, or try doing any other things that won’t involve the participation of your restless warrior. Continue with these stuffs until you feel the pressure inside has gone and you are ready to give a shot all over again. This is usually called the Start-Stop Technique, and is really very effective in controlling and mastering your ejaculations for long.

Sudden Deep Thrusts to Control All of It

Have you ever tried holding down the base-skin of your penile shaft, while masturbating? No matter how intense was the rush of the load inside, or how much on the edge you were, you will suddenly experience a diminishing effect. The rush suppresses, and you find that you have successfully controlled your ejaculation.

Now, this is the particular technique you need to use while having sex. All of a sudden, when you feel that you are in the point of no return, just thrust your tool deep inside with an impulse. That will do your job.

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