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If You Give Up Your Habit Of Excessive Masturbation

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Truly said, and it has always been regarded in each and every aspect and spheres of life, that excess of anything is bad. There has to be a limit to each and everything in life. Be it excessive eating, sleeping, exercising, or even masturbating, it always needs to be avoided.

Yes, you heard it right. Excessive masturbation can always cause psychological and physical issues in you men. No doubt, there are numerous benefits of masturbation. It’s a healthy sexual activity. It relaxes you, enhances your self-esteem and self-contentment, furnishes you with an incredible pleasure, and most significantly without any concern of any STDs. Yet, when done in excess, masturbation can trouble you with lower back pain, fatigue, soft erections, hair loss, premature ejaculation, testicular pain etc.

All those guys who have been into this habit might have already experienced these to some extent or the other. Now, if you count yourself too as one among those, here are a few benefits of giving up your habit of excessive masturbation that you need to know.

Great Psychological Impacts

Ask any of the guys who has controlled his habit of excessive masturbation, and he would soon tell you about its numerous psychological benefits. You feel more productive, assertive, charismatic, and more attractive about yourself. Your motivation to accomplish your goals and your targets boosts up.

Most significantly, you feel more confident about yourself. Now, that can easily be realized when your voice sounds more confident, you feel in a better position to do anything you are asked for.

You Retain your Fertility

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Soon with the habit of excessive masturbation, men realize that their semen has turned thinner, and the sperm count has reduced. Indeed, it’s not their misconception. Excessive masturbation actually can lead to these painful consequences. The logic is quite simple, the rate at which semen is lost, it’s not being regained at the same rate.

When you control it, and limit it to a maximum of two or three times a week, you can gradually notice the changes. Your ejaculations would be thicker, more satisfying, and of course would have more sperm count.

Benefits To Your Sex Life

Believe it or not, but when you are addicted to masturbation then it can create a big issue in your relationship and of course in your sex life too. Firstly, you tend to lose your erectile capabilities and stamina when you are doing it too frequently. Hence, regaining those firm erections, stamina, and libido, with control on self-gratification, can actually be a boon to your sex life.

Besides, most of the relationship experts have dealt with numerous such cases where the habit of excessive masturbation of the male partners trouble their women. When masturbation starts substituting sex regularly, it can potentially damage the self-esteem of the woman. She might start feeling inadequate, and incomplete about herself.

Finally, there have always been numerous malignant consequences of excessive masturbation. Hence, you are always advised to let your habit of masturbation be in control. Lead a healthy, happy, and confident life.

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