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So That You Don’t Contribute To The Ever Increasing Number Of Infertile Men

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It’s really sad to see an increasing number of depressed couples in the fertility clinics, who aren’t able to conceive a child. Besides, in almost 40 percent of the cases, it’s men who are responsible for this. Yes, that can be a little depressing. However, what’s more significant is, to know the reasons behind this, and try natural and easy ways to boost your fertility.

Are You Concerned About Your Diet?

Before that, did you know that food deprivation has always been one of the reasons for loss of libido, and infertility in men? Also, obesity is considered as one of the prime reasons for impotency and low sperm count.

Yes, it’s true, and that is the only reason why medical experts always insist on maintaining an ideal weight, and most significantly on being concerned about your diet. It might sound quite repetitive yet fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains etc. can always assure a great boost to your fertility. Besides, supplemental nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, arginine, selenium, essential fatty acids, copper, chromium, etc. have always been related to enhancing your fertility.

Well, if you are thinking about the food sources that can furnish you with these, with a few names you might just say “Wow! Those are easily available.” Those are oysters, banana, organ meats, turkey lamb, lean beef, wheat germ, herring, nuts, meat, chocolate, poultry, dairy, etc.

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Exercising and Practicing Yoga Daily

In case you haven’t, try implementing these in your daily routine. Well, the benefits are many, however as far as your fertility is concerned these have some specific advantages in this context.

After a morning session of yoga and exercising, have you ever realized how relaxing and de-stressing it is? These relieve you of stress and anxieties, and that of course is a great aspect to benefit your fertility. Needless to mention, these also help you in retaining a perfect body shape and weight. That again, is a great thing to consider. Above all, exercising and yoga maintains a proper blood flow all around your body, including your genitals. Now, that has an incredible impact on your fertility and your libido too.

Be Safe From Heat and Chemical Exposure

There is no denying the fact that the modern lifestyle has furnished you men with numerous common things like food and water stored in plastic bottles, chlorinated tap water, hot baths, tight undergarments etc. Although, there can be numerous issues with these practices of heat and chemical exposure, but one of the foremost concern is its adverse impact on your fertility.

Hence, it’s always advisable to avoid such things as far as possible. Try taking frequent breaks, so that you aren’t sitting in the same position for a long time. Try being less dependent on junk foods, chlorinated water, alcohol, caffeine, plastic containers, etc.

The more you are aware of these things, and the more you become dependent on harmless things, the more protected your fertility would be.

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