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When You Truly Wish To Experience Those Ecstatic Experience Of Orgasm For Long

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It’s fun, it’s the greatest pleasure on the earth, and it’s the most ecstatic experience on this earth to achieve an orgasm. You are lost in a world of pleasure, and most significantly you wish it would last for long, really long.

On a different note, did you know that pigs can have orgasms lasting for around 30 minutes or so? Wow! Incredible, isn’t it? Now, do you also wish that you were a pig, so as to be on that level of ecstasy for that long? Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be that awkward to achieve this, in-fact you can achieve it being a man itself, being the way nature has made you. Now, if the ‘how’ is making you curious, then here are a few really significant stuff for you.

The Start-Stop Technique

Seems like you already have tried it, but didn’t succeed, isn’t it? Indeed, most men usually try delaying their orgasm this way. They would do it for some time, give it a little pause, and then would start it all over again, with the only quest to last really long before shedding all the loads. Great! Effective is the technique, but it needs to be practiced carefully. Or else, you would again fail in your attempts.

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Of the many things you need to be concerned about, the most significant one here is, knowing your point of ‘no-return’. That comes through practice. When you practice this technique for quite a few times, gradually you will know about the exact point after which you need to stop it, and avoid ejaculation.

Besides, another point where you need to be careful is, about the period of time you need to hold it for. Most of the time men take a long break after an exciting session, thinking that it will nullify their sensations and they would be able to carry with it all over again. However, too long a wait can kill the fun sometimes. Besides, it also needn’t be too short period of time, or else pulling out would be of no use. Let it be for some time you both are comfortable with. Incase you want to wait for quite long, you may keep her busy with oral pleasures, and other such effective ways.

Kegel Exercises

If you haven’t heard of those, just do a little research online, and you will easily have all the necessary info about those. Anyways, what’s more significant is, its advantage particularly in the context of delaying your orgasm.

Yes, it does. It helps you effectively in being on that peak for long. Besides, it’s needless to mention that theses exercise has always been illustrious as the most effective way to boost your penis size, and to enhance your volume of sperm.

Pumpkin Seeds

What? Ok, it might sound a bit awkward, but yes, pumpkin seeds do boost your testosterone production and enhance your prostate health. Now, that’s what you need, to last long with that ecstatic experience, isn’t it?

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