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Common Practices That Can Cause Sperm Mortality

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Infertility is a serious concern that can demoralize both men and women. In such a situation, women are unable to conceive in spite of having unprotected sex. It is quite necessary to find the exact reason for this problem, and seek proper treatment for the same. Both find it quite difficult to accept this fact, and might react differently. Instead of blaming each other, you can consult a doctor to find the actual problem.

There are many reasons as to why men suffer from such an issue. Low semen count is one of the main reasons that can lead to infertility. Having a good physique and strong orgasm doesn’t certify that you are fertile. You can experience lower sperm quantity due to various reasons. If you don’t have the right quality of semen, then it is indeed a serious thing.

Unhealthy Habits:

The quality of life has declined due to unhealthy eating habits, wrong habits, wrong practices, and stressful life. All these factors are good enough to impact you mentally and physically. If you are often exposed to chemicals like pesticides, DDT, PCB’s, plastic, and others then it can directly impact your sperm count.

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Many men face difficulty in impregnating their partners due to low sperm count. It is a usual practice in this male dominated society to pass on the blame on their partners, which is a wrong practice. If the problem is with you, then no matter whatever you do, she can never conceive. Blaming her for this condition is not going to resolve the issue at all. You will complicate the matter and endanger your married life.

Fertile and quality semen is considered to be a sign of your manliness and men usually find it difficult to cope with such a situation. In some cases, the low sperm count can be due to intake of heavy medicines, metal exposure, smoking, excessive drinks, and many other reasons.

You need to protect this delicate and sensitive part from excessive heat. This can directly impact its growth and production. The other culprit is wearing tight fitting clothes. Such garments will not only create discomfort, but it will impact the sperm production as well. If you work on the laptop, then avoid keeping them on your lap for a long time. The heat emitted is good enough to cause the damage. It prevents the growth of the testes, thus making you infertile.

Change your Eating Habits:

It is recommended to eat lots of antioxidant food that has a high percentage of Vitamins A, C, E, and also selenium. You can eat lots of vegetables, carrots, yams, cauliflower, and citrus. It is recommended to avoid food that is high in calories and fat substances. Avoid junk foods, as they are not good for your sperm count and proper functioning of your heart.

Include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood in your regular diet. It is necessary to control your weight, which is possible through proper diet and exercises. Supplement food, which has good count of Vitamin C is also recommended to increase the sperm count.

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