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Understand The Functionality Of Male Reproductive System

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Infertility is a major concern that usually bothers both men and women. Gone are the days, when women were solely blamed for not being able to conceive a baby. Low sperm count and mortality rate in men can trigger this problem. When you both have unprotected sex, the sperm penetrates through her vagina and enters into her genetic material. Then it combines with her fertile egg, which is then conceived as a fetus.

Under microscopic view the sperm of men are classified into 3 parts like head, neck, and tail. Healthy habits will generate fertile sperms, and increase their count. The nucleus or the head of the cell usually has 23 chromosomes, which has genetic contents. The shape of the head is formed in such a way that it will easily stick to her fertile egg. Mitochondria are the main source of energy that encourages the sperm to move forward.

Facts about Sperm

If you are healthy with the required sperm count then you will have no difficulty in impregnating your partner, whenever you have unprotected sex with her. It also depends upon the potentiality of your reproductive system. The sperm is made up of several components. Testes, ducts or tubes, and glands are the important components that are found in the sperms. They play an important role in proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

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The male anatomy reproductive system is quite complicated to understand. The fully formed sperm with testis in them matures and travel down or swims down. If it is not able to do any of them then it becomes motile. The testis also travels along with them and the sperm takes two to ten days for passing through the epididymis. It looks long and coiled, which is led from the testis. This epididymis correctly connects the somniferous tubules with another tube called the vas deferens.

Anatomy of male reproductive system

In the initial stage, the testes move down from the abdomen to the scrotum. They lose their functionality, when the area is too much exposed to heat or temperature. It is because of this reason, why men who wish to impregnate their partner are advised to avoid sauna and hot water bath. During ejaculation the healthy sperms are passed on from the tail of the epididymus through vasa deferens.

It enters into urethra, which is inside the penis. The sperm is mixed with the semen in the Cowper’s and prostrate glands. More than 90 percent of the semen is developed inside the prostrate, which includes seminal vesicles. Not many of them know this fact, as they think it is developed from the testis.

In normal temperature, the scrotum develops fast and smoothly. It makes them more fertile and increases their number and quantity. As per s-experts it is required to keep the body temperature 3 to 5 degree Celsius, below the normal temperature. Enough care and precautions needs to be taken or else it might make you infertile.

The sperm are formed in the testes and is properly packed in the semini-ferrous tubules that are as long as 150 meters in height.

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