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Beware! These Might Lower Your Sperm Count

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In the present scenario, low sperm count is one of the most significant causes for infertility in most men. Of course, you would never wish to pay a visit to any fertility clinic, only to know that you too have this issue of low sperm count. Nobody wishes so. Hence, you might have always tried your best to retain your fertility, if not to enhance it. However to your surprise, there are few usual habits, and common things that you guys do, and which can be really harmful to your fertility. As a matter of fact, these can be even a normal part of your daily-life.

Improper Eating Habit

Be it about the type of food you eat, or its quantity that you use to have, you always need to be concerned about those. As a common example, in the hard and fast lifestyle these days’ people usually prefer fast foods or junk foods that they can have in no time. They would just grab anything pleasing to their taste buds, and would be happy to have it. It hardly matters to them, whether it’s even healthy or not (forget about its impact on their fertility).

No wonder, ever increasing are the number of infertile men who have been visiting fertility clinics. Yes your eating habit can have a great impact in your fertility. If your body is deficient in zinc, vitamin C, selenium, or folate, etc. chances are high that you too are at risk for lower sperm count.

Another point to note here is that, the amount of food that you regularly have, needs also to be taken care of. Obesity has always been linked to infertility, in-fact to low sperm count. Hence, if your taste buds let you have no bounds on the amount of food that you eat, then you need to control yourself. Needles to mention, regular exercising can always be a great help.

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Smoking, Too Much Alcohol Consumption, and Substance Abuse

Any of these, when done in excessive amount, can be really harmful not only to your sperm count but also to its quality and health. Most significantly, marijuana, cocaine, and tobacco use can lower your sperm count by even 50 percent.

You might have always loved the hallucinating and ecstatic effect of marijuana. However, it might come as a surprise to you that this can have an adverse impact on the sperm’s ability to move and swim. Besides, in extreme cases, this has also been found to cause genetic issues too.

The Work Environment You Are Exposed To

This is specifically for people working in places that are exposed to chemicals, toxins, infections, radiations, heavy metals, etc. However, even the software guys, or others who need to work on a system for too long and remain in the position, are also unsafe. When you remain in the same position for long, your scrotum gets exposed to heat, and that can affect your fertility.

Anyways, people whose work places have exposure to radiations, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. they need to be even more concerned.

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