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Walnuts – Male Fertility Supplement

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The latest report reveals that out of 100 couples, there are 25 couples facing infertility issues. There is still unawareness about the fact that males can also be responsible for failure in conception. The focus is always on females. Half of infertility cases are due to men.

Things influencing sperm health

Low sperm count is influenced significantly by consuming processed food, abstaining from exercise, exposure to heat, medications & treatment, excessive smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse. These factors impair the sperm quality and quantity. They weaken, and deform the sperm causing genetic disorders affecting the offspring. It may also kill the swimmers reducing the sperm quantity and lifespan. Along with a decrease in sperm count there is a cut down in sex hormone testosterone.

Enhance sperm health

It is wise to enhance the sperm health by eating nutritious food, avoid excessive smoking, drinking, over-exercising, wearing loose clothes, reducing stress, and leading a well-satisfied sexual life. Infertility treatment is very expensive, so it is better to avoid it.

Nutritious food that includes zinc, selenium, lycopene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and folic acid are boosters for increasing the sperm count. Walnuts are quite effective in enhancing the overall sperm health.

Why Walnuts?

Walnuts overflow with Omega-3 fatty acid that elevates the blood circulation towards the genitals and heightens sexual desire. It has arginine that helps the testis to augment both semen volume and sperm production. These tasty walnuts have potent antioxidants in comparison to other nuts that can double the protection of the little swimmers.

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BBC news published on 16th August 2012 (bbc.com.uk/new/health)

A health report revealed that eating 2 handfuls of walnuts daily improves sperm health. This study was submitted in the Biology of Reproduction Journal (15th August). The fact is that male diet can affect the task of the testicles.

Sperm vitality, shape, and motility are enhanced in males, who add walnuts in their daily diet for more than 3 months. The fatty acids in the walnuts help in the sperm development.

Researchers believed that male infertility may be the consequence of less sperm or abnormal sperm being produced. Therefore, in a study they included 117 healthy men (21 to 35 years) divided into two groups.

  • First group – It comprised of males adding 75 grams of walnuts in their routine diet.
  • Second group – This group had their usual diet without any nuts.

Both the groups consumed usual western-style diet. The sperm quality was scrutinized before the experiment. After 12 weeks the professor from the UCLA’s reported that they found substantial progress (3% increases) in sperm parameters of the males in the first group. The male in the second group that did not eat walnuts displayed no progress.

The researchers theorized that walnuts are a source of a-linolenic acid and has natural omega-3. This compound might be giving the sperm an extra boost needed.

This study does not display clearly that walnuts increase sperm health, but proves that diet taken generally can affect the health and the fertility of men.

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