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Health Benefits Of Semen – All You Need To Know

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Semen is a wonderfully complex secretion and is full of evolutionary history. Latest studies have proved that seminal plasma or the fluid that provides protection to sperms have array of health benefits. Benefits are activated when the seminal plasma is swallowed or when man deposits it in woman’s vagina.

  • It increases the energy
  • Reduces pain
  • It improves your mental alertness
  • Enhances memorizing power and improves concentration
  • It will assist you in pregnancy maintenance
  • It will increase the female initiated sexual behavior
  • Improves your sleep
  • It acts as a natural antidepressant
  • It is a natural anxiety reducer
  • Improves cardiovascular system
  • Provides a natural shine to the skin
  • Help you to fight life threatening disorders like prostate cancer

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Dutch scientists performed several studies on females and found that those who are aroused towards sex have high disgust tolerance, when compared to those who are not. They did not feel disgusted when asked to touch used condoms.

How the seminal plasma does relieves pain

Compounds like endorphins, oxytocin etc present in semen act as a powerful pain reducer. Other helpful compounds include prolactin, testosterone, opiod peptides, serotonin, neropinephrine, melatonin etc. Now, you need not go to the vitamin store when you could get the dose of all of them by your partner. Swallowing a healthy man’s semen is accompanied with no additional risk.

Release from orgasm is known to calm the people and relieve stress. College students at the state University of New York founded those females who were having sex without protection had no or fewer signs of depression than females who used it.

Since past several years, American journals are publishing that high ejaculations are always better. Recent, the journal of American Medical association published that ejaculation has decreased the risk of prostate cancer.

Have a look at other positive effects of sperms

Besides the above mentioned positive effects, sperms support the immune system of females. Magnesium present in semen maintains normal muscles and keeps bones strong. Uric acid and fructose present in semen prevents the diabetes. Calcium serves for the formation of bones and teeth. Moreover, they provide effective skin care.

High content of sulphur and other chemical compounds make the skin soft and zinc acts as a helpful acne remedy. Sex could help you to heal the wounds faster. Oxytocin heals the stubborn sores too.

Tips to delay your aging process

Most of you would never like to grow older. Sex could delay your aging process. Sex is a good exercise and helps to burn calories. Postmenopausal women experience vaginal atrophy and other vaginal infections. They could be healed with more intercourse.

Sperm constitute 1% of sperm and the rest is sugar, mucous, water and acid bases. Ascorbic acid is used for tissue maintenance while chlorine is used as oxidizing agent. Vitamin B2 is necessary for the proper function of nervous system and metabolism. Glycoprotein provides complete protection to cancer.

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