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Sperm Facts Behind Male Infertility

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If your sperm condition is preventing you to be a father, you have then reached the right destination. In this article you will get to know the reasons of male infertility and how to correct it.

All you need to know about sperms life span

Sperms die as soon as they dry out. Sometimes they are killed due to osmotic shock. Moreover detergents and other cleansing agents stick to the cell membrane and kill them. Make sure that you do not try to kill them in female respiratory tract by using the cleansing agents. It could harm her tissues. Moreover it is not an effective birth control strategy.

Here is the list of average sperms per ejaculate in millions-

  • Mouse could ejaculate about 98 million sperms at a time
  • Pigs have the tendency to ejaculate about 8000 sperms every time
  • Cow could ejaculate 30000 every time
  • Man has the capacity to ejaculate 1000 or more at a time

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Reason why men lose their conceiving power

However, the volume and content of semen ejaculated by men depends on the time between two ejaculations. The quality and quantity of ejaculate determines fertility of men. A man could not conceive if the ejaculate contains less than 20 million sperms. Latest studies have proved that men are ejaculating half the sperms as they did some 50 years back. It is a quite shocking result and pollution could be the main cause behind it.

If we look at the size of the sperms, humans have the smallest cells when compared to mammals. It is about 140 microns in length. On the other hand, a fruit fly is said to have the biggest sperm which is about 1mm in length.

Many of you might be thinking if only one sperm is required to produce a baby, why does the low sperms count makes man infertile in nature. On an average, a man has the tendency to produce about 2- 5 milliliters of semen at a time. Only at a certain fraction of sperms which are deposited in the female vagina go inside the uterus.

Of those that are present in uterus, a little quantity of sperms could end up in oviducts. Very few of them are able to move from the lower to the upper end of the oviduct. Egg is located behind the oviduct and is covered with a corona radiate. Main function of corona radiate is to restrict the sperms from getting down to corona.

Eat healthy diet

You could follow some healthy habits to increase your sperm count. Initially, you could avoid the consumption of coffee that has high caffeine content. Those who consume excessive alcohol have fewer chances of conceiving. Drinking a lot of water is a natural sperm motility treatment. You could eat nuts, fruits and vegetables. If eaten raw, these are the healthiest food items one could ever consume.

Various natural supplements are available to help increase the volume of semen and improve your chance to conceive.

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