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Common Techniques To Evaluate Sperm Motility

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As per the medical definition, you are infertile if you haven’t been able to impregnate your woman even after a year’s time of having unprotected sex. If that’s the case with you, it’s advisable to rush to your doctor as soon as possible.

The doctor may diagnose you for the few possible reasons of infertility. It can primarily be due to a low sperm count, or poor sperm motility. By sperm motility, it means the capability of sperm to travel its path, moving forward, and then make it up to your woman’s egg.

Especially, if you have been dealing with the issue of poor sperm motility, you might be interested in knowing how they examine this trait of your sperm. In fact, it’s quite interesting. If you look at your report carefully, you might find that there is a percentage value for sperm motility.

Actually, that is the total percentage count of sperm that manifest motility. Anyways, there are few common techniques of determining one’s sperm motility. Besides, depending on the experience of the examiner, the level of precision that is required, and the availability of equipments, a particular method is preferred.

Manual Technique Of Determining Sperm Motility

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Since it is carried out manually, it’s easier to perform as compared to other techniques. Besides, you don’t need too many types of equipment and all.

The technique is quite simple. The examiner places a sample of diluted semen on the slide of a microscope, and then analyzes it. The total percentage of sperm population that is motile is noted and is pen downed in the report.

While, this might not seem to you as a very precise technique to evaluate sperm motility, yet if he is an experienced evaluator you may expect a good estimate. However, the only limitation that this manual technique has is that it isn’t that subjective.

Hence, sperm with even outstanding motility might be reported with lower values, and the one with poor motility can score higher.

Determining It With A Computer

After all, it’s the modern era of technology and software. How couldn’t be these implemented for such a significant analysis? Anyways, at first there is captured an image of the diluted semen sample. The exposure time for photography is kept long enough, nearly 0.2 seconds, so that the motile sperm leaves its track across this image.

Then on, the process is quite simple. It’s all about the efficiency and preciseness of an image processing software that well examines and tabulates the different tracks and those immotile cells. Needless to mention, this has been one of the most precise techniques to determine sperm motility.

Track Motility Estimation Technique

This is yet another technique, and is quite similar to the one performed through a computer. Here also, an image of the dilute semen is taken and analyzed. Although, this technique needs more time as compared to manual estimation method, yet it is more objective.

Besides, those images can be saved for permanent record too. However, as already said there are other factors too that decide as which method to prefer.

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