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Did You Know In Detail About A Normal Semen Sample?

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For most men like you, your semen sample is just a viscous fluid with a grayish appearance. It looks grayish, if you haven’t ejaculated for last many days. It’s thinner and more liquid, if you are suffering from any fever, or have been ejaculating it every next day. That’s it.

There is nothing more that you usually notice about your semen. Of course, there are a few more aspects like its taste, smell etc. that men who are more curious about their ejaculates, know.

Anyways, it’s always advisable to be aware of few other chemical and physiological aspects of your semen too. You can easily figure out if by chance there is any abnormality with your semen sample. After-all, keeping a watch on your “resource” and your fertility is quite indispensable these days when there are rapid increments in cases of infertility issues.

What Is It Composed Of?

When you look at your semen sample, you find that there is a great percentage of fluid in it. However, did you know that it is composed of numerous secretions, acids, and several other components? Needles to mention, most of the fluid in your semen is just the secretion of your reproductive organs.

To be more specific, around 46 to 80 percent of it is in the form of seminal vesicle, 13 to 33 percent by your prostate gland, around 5 percent of it from your testicles and epididymis. The rest 2 to 5 percent of it is from your Bulbourethral and urethral glands.

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Hence, your semen sample contains free amino acids, citric acid, fructose, phosphorylcholine, enzyme, potassium, prostaglandin, and zinc.

The Internal Aspects of A Normal Semen Sample

You might have heard something about sperm count. Yes, as the name suggests it’s the total number of sperm in your semen sample. As per WHO and health experts, there needs to be at least 20 million of sperm per ml in a normal semen sample. Besides, the total count needs to be more than 40 million.

The ph level of a normal semen sample needs to be the same as that of a normal human’s body ph level and that is from 7.2 to 7.8. Any fluctuation in the same means there is either a lower sperm count or any infection in the urinary tract. Besides, at least 50 percent of the sperm in a normal semen sample needs to be active and moving.

How A Normal Semen Sample Look And Feel Like

Ok, so that is quite much of the internal details. However, you also need to know about the look and feel of a normal semen sample. Thus, a normal semen sample has somewhat a gray-opalescent appearance.

If you smell it, it is something like that of chlorine or fishy odor. To add to that, if you have ever tasted it, you might have known that it is quite sweet due to the presence of fructose. However, the taste might differ depending on your diet.

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