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Few Common Myths About Males’ Fertility

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Cases of infertility in men have been enhancing rapidly, since last few decades. It’s true that this has alarmed numerous men all across the globe. They have started avoiding things harmful to their fertility. In-fact, they prefer those things that can help them in enhancing it. However, another aspect of this scenario is that there have been developed few common myths about males’ fertility.

Males’ fertility and myths have always been the two sides of a coin. Like for an example, ever since ages people have considered males’ capability of fathering a child as an entailment to his masculinity. Poor soul, they don’t understand that this is just a medical condition that needs to be treated. Anyways, the list doesn’t end here, as there are few more myths about males’ fertility that can be heard usually.

You Can’t Impregnate Your Woman With Low Sperm Count

Quite usually, you can hear men having discussions in this context. Most of them, who initiate such misconceptions, think of themselves as s-experts and start influencing people with their wrong thoughts. While smart men take some time to research online for those things, before accepting. There are also many men who just accept it the way it is said by others. Anyways, it’s more important to know the fact.

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The fact actually is contrary to this popular belief. Yes, it’s true that if there is a low sperm count, there are high chances that you may have sperms of better quality. Those are adequate to make it up to their final stage of reaching a woman’s egg.

At times, men with higher sperm count have been reported with incapability to impregnate their partners. On the other hand, men with comparatively lower sperm count have been doing it successfully.

Frequent Sex Or Masturbation Can Hamper Your Fertility

Yet another myth, it’s a popular one. Men are warned to have control on their sexual activities, if they actually wish to parent a child someday. They say that if you have sex too often, or if you masturbate frequently, you will exhaust all you sperm supply.

Give it a break, do you think that sperm is something endowed to men in a limited supply of few ml by nature. The supply is limited, so store and protect it for its only use. Wrong, in fact as per the researchers frequent sexual activities ensure more and more stock of fresh sperm. Hence, it’s quite beneficial to be active with your sexual activities. Of course, that doesn’t mean you start masturbating two or three times every day. Remember, too much of anything can be dangerous. Hence, be in control, but be active.

If You Don’t Clean Your Scrotum Regularly Your Sperm Will Die

You see, there are no limits to myths about men’s fertility. They utter whatever they think or guess is true. It’s not true that unclean scrotum is a threat to your sperm count. However then, it is advisable to ensure that you don’t let it get exposed to too much of heat like with tight underpants, hot steam bath etc.

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