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Having Coffee And Smoking Marijuana Can Affect Your Sperm Health Differently

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Your food habits, lifestyle, and many more aspects of your daily life have a significant impact on your sperm health. Awareness is what matters, and hence any man can protect and enhance his fertility, while he can also ruin it. All you need to know is the effect of things, that you like to have and do regularly, on your fertility.

As far as these lifestyle things and eating habits are concerned, there is a long list in context of their effect on one’s fertility. However, there are two things, having coffee and smoking marijuana that have quite significant effect especially on your sperm motility and its activeness.

What Is Meant By Sperm Motility?

In any normal semen sample, there is expected at least 20 million of sperm per mil. Hence, in total, there needs to be at least 40 million sperm. That makes a normal sperm count. However, yet another aspect that determine a man’s fertility is his sperm motility.

Your sperm needs to swim and move fast in order to fertilize your woman’s egg. Now, this very ability of sperm to move swiftly and actively to hit the egg is called sperm motility. It’s a very significant trait that determines a man’s fertility.

How Does Drinking Coffee Affect It?

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It’s good news for all you coffee lovers. As per a study carried out by the Brazilian Scientists, coffee makes sperm swim faster and efficient in hitting the egg. Hence, they also suggested that other active components based on caffeine can be of great use in treating infertile men.

At the Sao Paulo University, Fabio Pasqualotto and his colleagues tested sperm quality in around 750 men. Among those men, there were those who never drink coffee, and there were also the ones who love to have coffee heavily every day.

Finally, they revealed that sperm concentrations and levels of hormones were almost the same for all. However, the sperm motility of coffee lovers was extremely high as compared to the rest. Hence, drinking coffee can be seen as a healthy habit for enhancing your sperm quality.

The Effect Of Smoking Marijuana On Sperm Health

Yet another finding of the studies in this context was the effect of marijuana on sperm health. These revealed that smoking marijuana can not only hamper your total sperm count, concentration, and semen volume. It can, most significantly, lead to premature “burn out” of sperm. That means, it speeds up the sperm temporarily, but then they “burn out” soon and aren’t able to fertilize an egg after reaching it.

For more precise results in this context, LJ Burkman and his other colleagues, Andrology Lab, SUNY, Buffalo, New York, carried out a study on 22 men who had smoked heavily since last 5 years.

They found that those men who had extremely high sperm velocity and sperm hyperactivity. This elevated hyperactivity leads to premature “burn out” of sperm, and so incapability to fertilize an egg.

As of now, you might have known how harmful can be smoking weed to your fertility. Hence, drink more and more of coffee, but refrain from smoking weed.

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