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Morphological And Other Abnormalities With Sperm

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The very first thing that a man is recommended for, to be evaluated for fertility issues, is the analysis of his semen. Gone are the days, when such analysis was primarily carried out only to examine the total sperm count. It was considered as the only basis for examining one’s fertility. However, with further researches, it was found that there can be few more factors responsible for a man’s infertility.

Thanks to the modern advancement in technology that made it possible to determine even those less known factors for infertility. Ok, so you might have a little idea about sperm count, and how its variations can affect one’s fertility.

However, did you know about sperm morphology and motility, which are equally significant in determining whether a man is fertile or not? These are the three leading factors that are usually examined for any fertility test in men.

Sperm Morphological Defect

By sperm morphology, it is meant the shape and size of sperm. Indeed, any abnormality in the sperm shape can be a significant reason for a man’s infertility. Anyways, a normal sperm has an oval shaped head that is partially covered with a cap. There is a middle piece and a tail.

There can be any type of abnormality in their shape. Like, the size of the head can be too large or too small, or it can even be broken or misshapen. The middle piece can be larger, smaller, or even absent. In numerous cases it has also been found that there are two tails, or tail-like a hairpin, etc. Hence, there can be innumerable types of morphological abnormality in sperm.

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Sperm Count Issue

As per the WHO, under normal conditions an average volume of ejaculate needs to be somewhere between 1.5 to 6 ml. Of course, there can be numerous factors affecting it. However, for more precise results it is asked to abstain from having sex or masturbation at least for 48 hours before collecting the sample. Anyways, the sperm count that is considered as normal is 20 to 40 million of sperm per ml.

Total sperm count has always been one of the significant determining factors for a man’s fertility. Any fluctuation with the mentioned data means that you are dealing with abnormal sperm count. However, you needn’t be worried as there are numerous natural and effective ways to deal with low sperm count.

Sperm Motility Problem

This is yet another significant factor that determines a man’s fertility. Sperm motility is the trait that lets sperm move straight and fertilize an egg. However, if there is any defect in it, which makes it difficult for it to fertilize the egg, there won’t be any successful result.

As per their ability to move, sperm can be classified into 2 grades. The ones that can move straight progressively and swim in a strong manner are the best ones of grade one. The second grade ones move in curved manner.

While, the ones in third grade, can move their tails but aren’t able to move forward. The fourth grade sperm is obviously the ones that can’t move their tails even.

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