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Next Time You Might Give A Second Thought Before Wasting Your Ejaculate

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You might have usually ejaculated in any piece of paper, dirtied your bed sheet, or might have wasted the fluid on your thighs, after masturbating. These are a few of the common practices. Lost in the world of ecstasy, you hardly give a thought to ‘what’ you have wasted. However, after knowing the extraordinary benefits of your sperm for everyday life, chances are high that the next time you would think twice before wasting it.

Mood Altering Anti-depressant

After a study was carried out, there was an amazing conclusion that women, who were directly exposed to men’s semen, are less likely to be depressed. The researchers were keenly interested in knowing the reason behind the same. However, soon they found that it was due to the presence of mood altering chemicals like prolactin, natural antidepressant like oxycoticin, and neurotransmitter like serotonin, etc. in semen.

No wonder, women in direct exposure to semen have been absorbing those through their vagina, and hence they usually retain a free and happy state of mind.

As An Anti Aging Agent

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You might have never thought of such a use of your sperm. Yet, it is true that your amazing “product” has proved to diminish wrinkles, help with taming or prevent acne, and smooth your skin. The presence of a crystalline polyamine compound and an antioxidant in sperm makes it quite effective as an anti-aging agent.

There are even commercial uses of sperm. A Norwegian company, Bioforskning has been synthesizing it into facial creams. They claim it to be 30 times more effective than Vitamin E, and that it can delay the aging effect by almost 20 percent.

An Invisible Ink

This might sound even more awkward, but it is true that the sperm can be used as an invisible ink too. The British Intelligence people must have been great with experimenting new things. It was during the First World War that they experimented and discovered that semen can be easily used as an invisible ink. Besides, it can also cheat any means of detection like iodine vapor. Hence, the next time you want to send a private message to your friend, or you want to prepare backup cheats for your academic exams, you have a great option, isn’t it?

Cooking Made Interesting

Now, this might be the most ridiculous thing to think of. Yet, as per Natural Harvest-A Collection Of Semen Based Recipes, it’s very nutritious and of course an “inexpensive” and interesting twist to your food.

As of now, you might have got few unthinkable ideas of using your sperm. Besides, you may continue with your own experiments too to discover few more usages of the same. Who knows, you too might come across yet another “good” use of it. Above all, from now onwards, you need to think twice before wasting your sperm the next time. Why waste it, rather than using it for anti-aging benefits, as a mood elevator, an invisible ink, in a recipe, or for something else?

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