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Ways To Improve Low Sperm Count

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It is vital for men to get their reproductive system checked, just to be sure that all the parts are functioning properly. The fact is that many times there is no outward symptom of male infertility experienced.

Significance of sperms

Sperm health is the common cause of infertility. Sperm is oval shaped with a long tail, which works together in pushing it forward. The deformed head - shape will prevent it from penetrating the egg and abnormal tail will not help it to move forward. A healthy sperm according to WHO parameters must have an average:

  • Good sperm count – 20 million sperm per one ml of semen sample
  • Good sperm motility – More than 60%
  • Good Morphology – 4 % or more
  • Normal semen volume – 1.0 ml - 6.5 ml (Low volume indicates blockage)
  • Fructose level – 3 mg/ml (absence indicates the seminal vesicles issue)
  • pH – normal level is 7.1 to 8.0 (Low pH value indicates blockage and high level suggests infection)
  • Liquefaction – 60 minutes is normal in converting the thick gel to liquid

Working of sperm counts

Large numbers are startling because it is necessary to ensure the achievement of pregnancy. Although 20 to 40 million sperms are produced and only 50% can pass the cervix to the Fallopian tube, where there is only one egg released during ovulation and waiting to be fertilized. Out of these several will get misdirected. The sperm live for 5/6 days, but the egg survives for 24 hours. So, the sperm must be punctual to fertilize the egg before it gets absorbed in the uterus lining.

Male infertility causes are:

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  • Chromosomal defects
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Deficiency in testosterone production
  • STD’s
  • Infection can trigger heat in urethra, testicles or in prostate damaging sperm health
  • Hypospadias is a birth defect. The urinary opening lies on the underside instead of the penis tip
  • In retrograde ejaculation the sperm move backwards inside the bladder instead of the penis for ejaculation
  • A varicocele condition means a swollen vein inside the scrotum, which does not allow the testicles to cool
  • An undescended testicle means they are close to the high body temperature

Male infertility tests

Semen analysis detects the health of the sperm and if there are any issues then further testing is recommended including semen culture, staining test, blood test, sonogram, testicular biopsy, contrast dye test and anti-sperm anti-bodies test.

Lifestyle and sexual changes

Low sperm count reflects poor lifestyle choices that can adversely affect the sperm count.

  1. Quit smoking, give up/moderate alcoholism and refrain from substance abuse
  2. Daily diet must be loaded with fresh vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, whole grains, dairy-products and more.
  3. Take supplements that include vitamin A and E, zinc, selenium, and folic acid to boost sperm health. L-carnitine supports sperm development and maintains motility.
  4. Regular workouts to maintain physical health. However, remember when you are trying to conceive do not over-exercise. It can heat the testicles and harm the sperms.
  5. Avoid exposure to heat and radiation. Tight clothes, hot tubs, and saunas can be harmful.
  6. Sexual intercourse can be timed for analysis of low sperm count. Your doctor will plan a frequency/schedule for active sexual sessions.
  7. Take pleasure in morning sex because sperm quantity is highest at sunrise.

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