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How To Determine Male Fertility Rate?

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Male fertility has always been a cause of concern for many couples, who wish to conceive naturally. Normally, a woman is blamed for this issue. However, sometimes men are also incapable of producing quality sperm naturally, which can be ejaculated into her reproductive organ. Instead of indulging in the blame game, it is always recommended to get a medical checkup done, so that the problem can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

Infertility in men is determined through the semen count, which is done through various tests and analysis. The report helps the doctors to determine the best treatment that can be adopted for curing this medical disorder. Many of the issues can be treated with the help of advanced treatments.

There is a difference between low and absolute no sperm count. Men usually tend to get confused between them, which is wrong. Like female fertile eggs take time to mature, sperms also around about 70 days to mature. Your s-experts will suggest the best treatment that will increase the count. However, their development can sometimes be deterred due to various reasons.

The production is impacted if you suffer from fever, when you are undergoing the test. If one medical treatment is not working, then it is vital to change the method.

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The Best Treatment

With the help of an effective fertility program you will be able to increase the count to the normal level. No use of hiding your medical condition, as it will result in nothing. Despite having unprotected sex with your partner for more than 12 months and you see no result then it is indeed a matter to be worried about.

In order to go through the test, it’s necessary that you ejaculate at least 3 days prior to date of the test. Through this process the unwanted or dead sperms would be thrown out of the body, thus you will get accurate test results. As per the new report, men are expected to have a minimum of 1.5 ml of semen volume, which earlier was termed to be 2.0 ml. anything more than this is always a good thing, and you have nothing to worry about it.

The Sperm Count

The sperm count can be low due to various medical and physiological reasons. Men are always under pressure when it comes to sexual performance. Stressed life and a hectic lifestyle can also be the culprit, which can reduce the count. If this is the case, then there is nothing much to worry about. The count can be easily increased by adopting a holistic lifestyle.

There are many herbs, vitamins, and other types of treatments that can help you in recovering quickly. In some of the cases, the result can be seen within a couple of weeks, and sometimes months. IVF is another option that is adopted by the couples to cure the infertility issue. There are many supplement foods that will help you to overcome this situation.

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