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Male Infertility Rate Can Cause Serious Problem

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The number of men suffering from fertility issue is increasing day by day. There are many factors that cause this problem, but one of the prominent ones is low sperm count in men. In many of the cases the issue can be resolved by adopting simple and effective steps. If the issue is too serious, then the doctors might recommend advanced method to treat them.

However, before adopting the right procedure to treat yourself, it is necessary that you find the actual reason for this problem. Sperm production can be impacted due to various reasons, which includes the type of clothes that you wear and temperature. Some men usually prefer to wear tight or ill fitting undergarments and pants. If you are one amongst them then it’s time to change it.

Choose the Right Garments

Such garments can restrict the production of sperms, which is quite important for fertile men. Your penis is quite delicate and needs proper care. Smoking, drugs, and over exposure to chemical factors will directly reduce the sperm production in men and make you infertile. In order to increase the count, it’s necessary that you stop these habits.

In some cases, radiation treatment and a heavy dosage of medicines can also be the culprit. Before opting for any treatment, it is necessary that you find the reason for this problem. The testes temperature affects the sperm production. It is necessary that the temperature is always low, or else it can cause serious problem in the production of sperm and its quantity.

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This temperature is quite different than the body temperature, so you need to do the right thing to control it. As per the reproductive expert the testes is situated outside the body and hence they are at cooler temperatures. The temperature increases when you wear a tight fitting undergarment and pants. It impacts their production, which is not considered to be a good sign.

Normal Time Required for Sperm Production

If this process continues then it might result in low sperm count, which will make you infertile. Men usually need 11 weeks or 70 days for producing quality sperms. You need to consider this fact, before choosing the right method to solve this problem. There are many tests that are performed to check the exact problem of this issue.

Simple equipments like laptop, handsets, and others can cause serious problem in sperm count. Hence, it is advisable to use these gadgets sparingly, if you and your partner are planning for a baby.

If you are at home, then it is recommended to wear comfortably fitting boxers, as it will not affect you at all. If you are trying to impregnate your partner then it is important to avoid hot water shower, sauna, and hot water tub bath. With these basic care and steps, you can be rest assured about increasing the sperm count.

However, before concluding anything, it is necessary that you consult an s-expert and check the exact reasons, so that you can adopt the right treatment to overcome this issue.

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