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Erection And Orgasm- Different Stages Of Sexual Arousal

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Generally men consider that ejaculation and orgasm both are same, but they are different. The experience with both them, are different. Male orgasm is a complex process however ejaculation is the main function of male orgasm. Not every man could experience this all the time. In some cases both orgasm and ejaculation occurs at different times. For instance, in young boys the orgasm occurs without ejaculation.

Sometime men do not have ejaculation even after several seconds of orgasm, while in other cases men who are unable to ejaculate are still capable of orgasm.

Different Stages of Sexual Arousal in men:

  • First stage is an excitement, because of some physical and psychological stimulation or both. The body undergoes many changes during the early stage of sexual arousal.
  • The brain is flooded with some natural chemicals called endorphins that acts like a cocaine and ensures that they enjoy the sexual stimulants
  • All these stimulants cause more blood to flow in to the spongy areas of the penis. The loose and mobile skin of penis becomes thick and grows up
  • An erection of the penis will occur when the holes in the spongy tissues are filled with blood. Penis enlarges in size when blood flows in it and makes it harder.
  • Along with the increase in the blood flow into the penis, which keeps the penis hard, heart rate
  • Penis remains flaccid when the inflow and outflow the blood is well maintained

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Who suffers with the problem of Erection?

Men who have spinal cord injury are not able to enjoy erection as normal people could do. The nerves control the opening and closing of valves in the veins and arteries, and impact the erection.

In this case erection is not possible. This same problem occurs with the valves, as men grow old. Also as men ages, blood inflow increases because of the filling of sludge in the main penis artery.

Smoking is also a main cause of this problem as it causes the sludge buildup in other portions of the circulatory system. Alcohol impacts men as it affects the functioning of the nervous system and closes the necessary valves.


At this stage of orgasm men experience pre ejaculatory production, which causes major problem. The testicles become hard, breathing rate increases, and there may be involuntary contractions of major muscles throughout the body. If ejaculation in men occurs frequently then it might occur with less force.

Semen release is in fewer amounts in men who are able to ejaculate two to three hours after his previous ejaculations. According to several studies it is reported that many post pubescent young men report daily ejaculation while it declines to 2-3 times per week later on.

Recovery Period:

Once the orgasm is complete, testicles and penis gets back to its normal size as blood is returned back into the body. At times men after experiencing ejaculation is unable to have another orgasm. This time varies for one person to another, in some cases it varies from few minutes to hours.

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