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Dealing With Physical And Mental Changes During Adolescence

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The age between 10 and 20 years are often chaotic among humans, because of a lot of things. This is the time when you grow from childhood to adulthood. A lot of changes take place inside your body, and much more in your mind. It is important to understand this as a phase, so that you can deal with issues that arise during this time.

What happens to boys?

When a boy is small, a number of growth hormones are present in the body, but some of them are not released in large quantities. As he reaches adolescence, the body decides that it is time to develop adult characteristics and starts releasing these hormones in larger quantities. Testosterone is one of the most prominent hormones released during adolescence.

These hormones change the way your body works and some physical characteristics also change, such as:

  • Hair growth in the arm pits and pubic region becomes thicker
  • height and weight increase at a greater speed
  • the penis grows larger and testicles start producing semen
  • spontaneous erections start occurring including nocturnal emissions

What happens to girls?

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Like boys, girls also undergo a number of physical changes and the rate of growth increases for a brief period of time. Some of the more prominent changes that occur with girls during adolescence are:

  • the amount oil secreted by the skin increases greatly (which leads to acne)
  • breasts grow larger and nipples become more prominent
  • the uterus and ovaries grow and develop faster
  • menstrual periods start becoming regular
  • the genitals grow larger and get a darker color
  • the genitals start producing FSH and LH in greater quantities

The psychological side

The more difficult part for boys and girls to deal with during adolescence is the changes taking place in their minds. As your body changes, you start thinking differently and your world view changes drastically. For many, this is one of the most difficult periods in life to cope up with. This is one of the reasons why people associate teenage with trouble.

It is when you start trying out new things. There are also many social changes that occur. You start going out more and spend less time with your parents. Your social circle widens and your sexual desires change the way you communicate with others.

Adolescence is also a period when a person feels very insecure. Because, the body changes so rapidly, you start worrying about all those ugly acne and pimples and how people will judge you. It is very important to understand that this is a natural phase and that your body will stabilize in a few years.

You will find yourself having extreme mood swings very often. You feel differently about your parents, about your friends and others in your life. Understand that it is OK to feel that way. Some people can cope with these physical and mental changes without trouble. Others need some kind of counseling in order to get through this period.

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