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Same Sex Relationships – Decoding The Enigma Of Bisexuality

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Bisexuality refers to a person who is fascinated to another person of the same gender. It is not as simple as it sounds, as it includes lots of confusion. Such people have many questions, especially about their sexual orientation. For some it is a term mainly used for bi –curious individuals, which means they want to make love with people of both sexes.

There are people who love to have sex with both genders, as it is quite exciting and interesting. This behavior on dual sexual inclination could be answered, if you have a better perspective on whether this phase of bisexuality is of permanent or transitional in nature. They don’t want to make any adjustment, in order to have sex with any gender people.

Research Work

Researchers have shown that at some point of time, these people may end up becoming either a homosexual or heterosexual, depending on how they feel inside. Their sexual instinct may after specific time might change, and they are no longer confused or puzzled about their situation.

Bi –curious is actually a phase of sexual exploration. There is no age when they can realize their preferences or likings, but handling them initially can be quite challenging.

Such an individual doesn’t consider himself to be bisexual, no matter whatever their likings might be.

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Self perception

Self-perception is the key factor to identify the bisexual character. Many individuals indulge in sexual act with people belonging to both the sexes, without realizing that they are bisexual. Similarly, other people get involved in sexual relationships only with those belonging to opposite sex. With no proper knowledge, they consider themselves to be bisexual, which is definitely not the right thing. There is no behavioral test to determine whether or not one is bisexual.

Health Hazard

Bisexuals are often made scapegoat, as unprotected sex can make them as transporter of AIDS and HIV. Actually unsafe sexual practices, rather than sexual orientation leads to the risk of infection. It doesn’t matter with whom you have sex, most importantly one should have is safe sex.


A person, who is bisexual, might be socially boycotted and sometimes the pressure can be too high to handle. Studies suggest that around about 1/3rd of sexually active individuals have engaged in bisexual acts at some time. Nevertheless, social observers think that the actual number might be much elevated. Some individuals may be uncertain about admitting their bisexual or gay experiences or feelings due to the fear of family members, close friends, and others prejudice.

If somebody thinks he is bisexual, feeling confused, and experience discrimination then it is recommended to seek out for help from experienced counselors or psychiatrist. With their experience, you’ll tend to open up, get a clear picture about yourself and most importantly gain confidence winning of your near and dear ones.

Alfred Kinsey, a well known researcher on sexual behavior on human referred as, sexuality isn’t exclusively homosexual or heterosexual. Sexuality is actually a variety between two extremes people. They fall in love with the person and not the gender.

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