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Same Sex Relationships - Hazards And Complication In A Relationship Of A Gay Or Lesbians

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Passion and strong bonding is quite essential to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals have always to take care of precaution so that they don’t get infected by any sexual disease. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), physical injuries, and HIV are some of the common life threatening disease.

Risks and behavior

Both medical and social science with evidence indicates that the homosexual conduct is uniformly unhealthy. When male and female indulge in same sex practice, then it increases the risk of sexually Transmitted Diseases. HIV/AIDS is a paramount concern for straight couples, lesbians, and gays. Many older gay populations have adopted safer sex practice, and take all the precaution. This is absolutely not the case with younger population, as they are still to understand the relevance of safe sex.

Practices and consequences

There are various categories to enjoy and have pleasurable gay sexual activities. The safest gay preference is voyeurism. They simply watch others having sex. Voyeurism is compared to a straight man going to watch striptease at topless joints. The ambience of the gay bar, which enacts bath scenes and masturbation, stimulates their sexual instinct.

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Group masturbation: This is a very popular and a common practice among homosexual communities. Here they have varied ways to masturbate and watch others being masturbated. They enjoy doing it for others. This practice of masturbation is known as J/O (jerk off). Due to the danger of AIDS many major cities have come out with this J/O joints or clubs, where gay man masturbates together.

Frottage: Two men rubbing and caressing their bodies against each other, until they reach climax. This format of sex is considered to be practically safe.

Fellatio: Oral – penile sex also considered to be common amongst gays. In this the threat of transmitting an STD are much higher if one individual ejaculates into the mouth of the other, thus these days ejaculating in the mouth is often evaded.

Penile anal sex: This form of gay male sex is known to be the most risky. This act is actually common in heterosexuals, but chances of transmitting any type of STDs are eminently less because of promiscuity. Here a gay man inserts his penis into anus of the other man (partner) and thrusts continuously to achieve orgasm. During anal sex the transmission of STD is at its peak. Ejaculation can contain the viruses. The layer of the rectal lining often gets abraded and torn during this kind of practice, makes it very prone for the virus to get access to the bloodstream.

Condoms should be used during sex, especially when they are having anal sex. Whenever you are involved into any physical sex then take proper care that will keep you healthy forever.

It has been noted that the rate psychiatric illness, depression, drug abuse, and suicidal attempts are very high amongst gays and lesbians. Depression and consequently drug abuse are relatively allied with risky sexual practices leading to severe medical problems.

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