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Same Sex Relationship – How Best To Understand The Sexual Orientation

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Sexual orientation portrays a permanent pattern of getting attracted romantically, emotionally, or sexually towards the gender of the same sex or opposite. Such attraction is mainly categorized into heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual nature.

How will you that an individual is a homosexual? Heterosexuals find this subject very hard to comprehend. They don’t find an answer as to why people prefer to have sex with someone of the same gender. And if that is not his choice, then how is it possible to figure out why somebody is gay? There is no clear understanding and explanation as of today to why somebody is gay.

General Perspective

Most people suppose that gays choose homosexual way of life over heterosexuality. They feel that a homosexual individual make a definite choice at some point in his or hers life to be a homosexual. Heterosexuals (straight people) suppose that homosexuals can effortlessly change their mindset and turn into heterosexuality. Straight people feel that gays should change and gradually evolve to more natural or normal sexual orientation.

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Actually, nobody knows for certain the scientific reasons of homosexuality and there are no convincing explanations about the same. However current surveys and scientific research gives an indication that the environment may influence on being a gay or a straight apart from one born in the capacity to choose either to be straight or gay.

Scientific opinion

In spite of numerous researches that are done on sexual orientation by the medical and science fraternity, scientists and topmost medical professionals have not found any beneficial result or conclusive evidence. Homosexuality, for last many years, was labeled and defined as a psychological illness and mental sickness. Treatment of this kind mental illness was intended to restore normal and natural sexuality.

It was only in 1973, American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognized and validated that Homosexual behavior is not mental illness. There are some structural differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals in the anatomical studies of brain, but till date they haven’t come up with anything corroborative. Scientific research with twins has established that a genetic factor does exist in homosexuality, but genetics isn’t the only factor to conclude all other cases.


As a society, humans have been long reflecting on this issue for ages, but still could not reach to any significant conclusion on determining sexual orientation. The existence of homosexuality among men and women went back to history of mankind. Homosexual lifestyles would not likely to fade away and disappear compared to heterosexual ones.

It is very important to know that there are gays, lesbians, and bisexual people all over the world. Homosexuality and bisexuality transpire in both genders, in all countries, at all ages and in almost every spectrum of life. This just goes to show us that being gay, bisexual or lesbian is normal and very much human occurrence, just like to be heterosexual. In fact there are many studies that conclude that having sex with same gender is quite normal and there is nothing much to worry about it.

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