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Same Sex Relationship – How To Know The Sexual Orientation

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This is an exceptionally and natural to get sexually approached and excited by the very thought of the same. This feeling drastically changes from their childhood, as it develops and transforms gradually.

Discovering sexuality related affiliations is a mystifying journey as they want to experience different things and acquire more knowledge about the same. While some individual essentially know what about the preferences especially about their sexual partners, others are confused. They are unsure whom to choose and which gender can make them happy.

At some point in their teen age, sexual feelings are aroused in different ways which mainly happens due to physical and hormonal changes post puberty. This involves a mix of confusion in the mind and body, and puberty tends to speculate about new and often, intense sexual feelings.

If you are attracted towards another guy, then don’t worry as it doesn’t indicate that you are essentially a gay. It is quite common in teen age. This may come in the form of masturbating together, or mutually doing it for each other. This happens among females also. This kind of activities generally doesn’t go beyond that. Sexual experimentations are pretty natural and common, as they don’t indicate any homosexual tendencies.

The term sexual orientation refers to the gender (female or male) to which an individual is attracted. There are several category of sexual orientation.


Heterosexual relates to someone physically and romantically attracted to a member of the opposite sex. They are termed as straight. Heterosexual males are attracted to females and vise a versa.


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Individuals who are homosexual are physically and romantically involved to the member of same sex. Females, who are forthright and automatically attracted to other ladies, are known as “lesbian”. Any male, if attracted to another are termed as gay.


Any individual member (be it a male or female) who are physically and romantically to member of the both sexes.

Thinking sexually about the same and both sex is relatively common, as teens are attracted towards both of them. This kind of envisaging about people of the same sex or opposite sex doesn’t essentially doesn’t indicate about their sexual orientation. Many a times they are just attracted for no reasons, so wait until you find it out.

Most medical professionals, includes organization American Psychological Association (APA) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), firmly believe that sexual orientation occupies a complex mixture of psychology, biological, and environmental aspect. An individual’s genes and inborn hormonal factors actually play an important role. Medical professionals firmly believe that, in general sexual orientation, whatever it causes, is not simply a preferred choice.

There are plenty of opinion and interpretations in regard of sexual orientation. For example, individual with a feminine appearance or interest does not necessarily mean that the teen boy is gay. Individual having a masculine appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl is lesbian. Making assessments just based on appearance, can lead oneself to a wrong conclusion.

Psychologist, family doctors, psychiatrist, and qualified counselors can actually help teens cope in private and confidentially with the complex feelings that one go through with their developing sexuality.

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