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Same Sex Relationships - How To Wisely Reveal Your Sexual Orientation As A Teen

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Adolescent is an age, when teens are quite confused about many a thing. They usually have questions on cultural, hormones, peer pressure, and many other things. It is quite important to get answers to these questions, as they can then lead a happy life. It is at this time, teens have innumerable questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

As a teen they find it difficult to cope with their sexuality, especially when they realize that they are gay or lesbian. It is a very complex process, where they have to collect their courage to accept the fact and talk about it with their family. Social acceptance is very necessary and it is not an easy task.

Every single confession you make to your friends and family, you are surrounded by innumerable questions. Some prefer to give up the fight, as it becomes very difficult to defend their situation all the time. Instead now, people are now comfortable to accept the fact and live with it.

The teen years are actually very difficult to understand and coming to the terms of revealing about being a lesbian, gay, or bisexual to your family, friends and others can make their life miserable. They are usually haunted by questions like what will be their reaction and what they’ll do after knowing about this secret. This actually leads to stress, anxiety, depression, and can be very emotional.

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Many teens find and feel relief when they chose to come out of closet and find adequate support, acceptance, and love from friends, parents, and others. Many teens fear about losing their dignity and self respect, and thus don’t want prefer disclosing this secret. Every family react too this fact differently and is mainly based on family values and culture.


Suicidal rates and tendencies among young homosexuals are higher, compared to heterosexuals of the same age. On their part they simply break down being rejected by the family and friends. Parents should support their teenager coming out of the closet. Parents support is a must. Initially a mixed reaction from parents is quite natural. Getting over those sentiments and feelings will help you understand your daughter and son’s dilemma.


Internet chat rooms are fast becoming a new tool to share and exchange your conflicting views on being a gay. Using this mode of communication, teens can learn about the lifestyle led by gays and learn the better ways to deal the situation. Many a times, they don’t have to reveal this dark secret to the world. They can wait to reveal their facts before their parents and friends, when they’re ready for it.


There are numerous support groups and communities that works on the motivating such people. They actually provide a very deep insight and help them to develop their personality. They counsel such teens and tell them how to cope with any difficult situation. These counselors also talk to their parents and help them to accept this fact.

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