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How Safe Is It To Have Sex With Your Pregnant Partner?

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Many couples always wonder if it is safe to have sex, when she is pregnant. Often intimacy during pregnancy is safe, unless you follow the instructions of your doctor. In some cases, your doctor might ask you to abstain from having sex, if your partner has some sort of medical complications.

Following are the things that you need to follow while having sex during pregnancy:

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  • Sex during Trimester: The 1st three months of pregnancy are very crucial, as the fetus is just too small. You can still enjoy wild and passionate intercourse at this time. The size of the baby is microscopic, during the first two months of the pregnancy. Even in the 3rd month the fetus is only one or two inches long. Sex at this stage is usually considered to be safe, unless the experts feel that it could lead to further complications. You need to be very careful about the medicines that you consume at this stage. It is not safe to consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke cigarettes, as it can be very harmful. Consumption of nutritious food is very necessary, as it is important for the growth of the baby. Spinal bifida and different types of malfunctions are some of the other serious issues.
  • She might be too tired for Sex – some of the women get too tired, during their pregnancy. It is because of this reason they might feel disinterested in having sex. The rate of hormone production increases, and causes stress, morning sickness, and nausea. In this situation she surely doesn’t want to have fun with you. Don’t force her at all, if she does not feel not like having sex with you.
  • The 2nd Trimester – Nausea subsides after her 1st trimester and she now feel more relaxed and fresh. She might feel the strong urge to indulge in sexual activities and would love foreplay as well. It is that stage of pregnancy, when the gender of the baby can be deducted as it is now grown up. Couples usually have this question in mind, whether having sex at this stage when the baby is big, is safe. Your doctor is the best person to let you know about this. Unless he finds a perfect reason as to not indulge in any sexual activities, it is always safe. Women might find it interesting and enjoyable, as her genitals have now become more sensitive. You have to take care of the sex positions, as it might hurt her. Penetration is considered to be safe, even after the baby starts to show up. It will not impact the protective amniotic fluid, her uterus, and muscles.
  • Sex during 3rd Trimester – In this stage, the baby starts gaining weight. You enjoy seeing your partner becoming bigger and bigger, every day. You surely will not be able to find a comfortable position to have intimacy with her. Doggy position is best, as it keeps the belly away. It is good if you avoid having sex with her on the 40th week of the pregnancy, as your semen might lead to labor. This is however not the case, during the 38th or the 39th week of pregnancy.

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