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Interesting Facts About The Size Of Your Manhood

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Well if you think that you know everything about sex, then you might want to rethink. There are many facts that are unknown to people. More than facts, it is found that people are attracted towards myths. There are many conceptions about penis and its size. You might have surely come across a joke that is often cracked on a small sized penis.

Some of the Interesting truths about Penis are as Follows –

Penis is Delicate –Yes, it is true that penis can break, although it doesn’t have a bone. In medical terms it is known as penile fracture. It normally happens due to excessive masturbation, rough sex, or other reasons. When the fibrous tissues cannot withstand the pressure or trauma, they break.

If you often hear a cracking sound and experience lose erection, then it is an indication that there is something wrong. Sometimes, you might also see huge bruises on the outer skin of your penis. If you experience any such condition, then you need to consult a doctor immediately.

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Irregular Erection – men experience erection whenever they are aroused due to physical or psychological stimulation. However, there are times when men experience random arousal, which is not at all related to any stimulation. Quite a few people have irregular erections, which can be caused due to no reason. There is no specific time when they are experience such a thing. Though it is not an issue to be concerned about, as there is nothing much that you could do in this situation.

The Actual Size of Your Manhood – Men are usually obsessed with the size of their penis. No matter what its actual size might be, they are always unsatisfied with it. They secretly crave for a big one, may be 8 to 9 inches long. The average size of penis is not more than 5- 6 inches in length. It doesn’t mean that you cannot please your partner, if your manhood is not more than 5 inches.

There are different positions through which you can easily stimulate her g-spot, by entering deep into her. Quite a few men have a larger sized penis and not all women are comfortable with it. Such huge sized penis causes her immense pain and discomfort, thus she never prefers to be around men who have extraordinary big asset.

Size is not related to Genes – It is greatly impacted due to hormonal growth and rarely due to its imbalance. If you think that you can pass this trait to your son, then you might want to rethink about it. The penis is formed, when the fetus is in the womb.

You Don’t Need a Big Sized Penis – Just because the size of your penis is somewhere between 5-6 inches in length, you don’t need extraordinarily big condoms. A normal condom can easily fit on your penis. A large sized condom might easily slip off from your manhood, which can be too risky. However, you could wear ribbed or dotted condoms to enhance the pleasure she gets while you are inside her.

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