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Interesting Facts About Vagina

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Guys are obsessed with sex and there goes no day when they don’t think about performing a real show with her in the bedroom. They quite often stand in front of the mirror and stare at their penis for some time. Well, who wouldn’t be passionate about admiring their asset? Men are also obsessed with the size of their manhood and check how it appears by standing in front of the mirror.

Not many girls are bothered about the size of their vagina, as men are about their penis. These are some of the common questions –

  • Do women also worry about their vagina size?
  • Do some women have a bigger one than the others?
  • Does the size of her vagina matter?

Men have a whole lot of different questions about her private part. They are uncomfortable intimating with a girl who has a smaller vagina. This article will help you in having a better understanding about her asset.

Is she Virgin?

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Any woman, who is a virgin and never had sex any time before, usually has a smaller sized vagina. Even if she has used a tampons or sex toy there, the size doesn’t get impacted at all. Hymen is a flap of skin that breaks whenever she indulges in sex. The skin is so sensitive that it breaks off as it cannot bear the force of penetration. Quite a few times, it can break with no proper reason.

Whenever penis or something else penetrates into this particular area, hymen resists and makes the act more difficult. It is because of this reason why women suffer from immense pain, when she has sex for the first time. When the hymen breaks it causes bleeding.

What is the Size of the Vagina after Hymen Breaks?

The outer and inner side of the vagina differs from one woman to the other similarly as the penis size varies in men. Genital varies and mainly depends upon the height, weight, and other physical features of their body. The vagina stretches when you insert your manhood or sex toy into it.

There are some women who can easily accommodate thicker and wider objects, while others are uncomfortable doing it. As and when time passes, the size vagina increases. She might not be comfortable with a thicker sized penis in the beginning, but becomes comfortable with the act later on.

When she is Pregnant?

The size of the vagina changes when she gives birth to a baby. The size of a baby is very large when compared to her vagina. The vaginal canal has an opening that stretches to accommodate, when the baby is born naturally. During this time the vagina tears, but regains its original size after giving birth to the baby.

Relevance of Genetics:

The size of the cervix depends upon genetics. It also includes the length of the vaginal canal, as the cervix is located at a place where vagina ends and the uterus begins. Its size varies and can be shorter or longer, and is related to their genes.

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