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Interesting Lovemaking Places In College Campus

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The college campus is an exciting place to be with friends and learn new things about life. You can add more fun and excitement while in college. There are many things that you can explore here like finding some of the interesting places to enjoy sex.

Following are the 10 Greatest Places to Have Sex with Her:

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  • The Lawn Area – This is one of the most used public places, where you would have secretly desired to enter into her. It might not be possible to color your dream during daytime, as they are always s crowded. So, take her out there secretly and find a place where you are sure no one would come. Lovemaking on green and chilled meadow, underneath the sky is definitely going to be ravishing. Begin the act, by lying beside her watching the beautiful stars on the sky. Gradually, you can start exploring her body and enjoy a joyful act.
  • Campus Gym – The work out place is the best alternative to enjoy her closeness. You can pull your girl near the locker room, and explore her beauty when no one is around you. Feeling her body after a workout can be fun and erotic.
  • Balcony of your Apartment – Many campuses have apartments with balconies. It is splendid to sneak into at night and be together with her, when others are busy with their work. To subdue the erotic scream, you can turn on the volume of your TV.
  • Shuttle Bus – Shuttle bus is common in campus, which rides around your college campus. It might not be possible to bang her by taking her clothes off. So, you might want to sit in the back seat of the bus and make her sit on your lap. Even if someone sees you, it will appear as if she is resting on your lap.
  • Dormitory Elevator – You can pick one of the tallest buildings of your campus and enjoy a ride on it with your partner. Select the highest floor. Ask her to bend over and enter into her from back. Ensure that no one is stopping the elevator, in between. You can choose a time, when not many people use the elevator.
  • Classroom – Not all the classrooms are occupied for the whole day. Make an effort to find one that is not used by anyone. Make proper use of the desks and chairs that are commonly found in the room.
  • Fraternity House where you don’t reside – Find a fraternity room that is mostly used by guys for partying. Once you have a girl, it is quite a challenging task to find a place and get into her. There are pool tables, basements, and others that can be used properly for your fun activity.
  • Library – Take her to a place where no one usually comes. You can try for a quickie, wherein others are busy preparing notes or studying for their exams. Don’t take off her clothes completely, but a quickie will be a great idea.
  1. Professor's Room – Your professor’s room remains vacant for a couple of hours may be on a specific day of the week or maybe every day. Take her inside the room and spend quality time with her, maybe under the professor's table or chair. Be careful not be caught, as you might have to face severe consequences.
  2. Sports Area – indoor or outdoor gaming zone is another interesting place where you can enjoy spending time together.

With so many places around, you will have a great time playing with each other.

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