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Effective Positions To Reach Her G-Spot

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You can easily excite your partner by stimulating her G-Spot. Not many women reveal their sexual satisfaction, as they don’t want to annoy their partner. There are innumerable books and theories that reveal simple facts that will deeply satisfy your partner. It is quite important to erotically excite your partner or else she will lose interest in you.

It is very necessary to find the exact G-spot location, which might not be an easy task initially. Sex is not about penetrating deep into her vagina without stimulating her super sensitive part. A wrong step will cause her immense pain, instead of arousing her.

Where is the G - Spot Located?

A 1st timer might not be able to locate the G - spot, as it needs proper knowledge and experience. No matter what, you need to have a good amount of patience to locate the same. It is situated approximately 2-3 inches inside her vagina. It is a sensitive part and can be easily stimulated if excited in the right manner.

It is a smooth tissue that is covered with ridged area. It is quite different when compared to the rest of her vagina. During foreplay you can insert your finger and stimulate her. It is quite necessary to warm her up, as it will relax her mind and body. You can observe your partner’s expression and find better ways to reach out to her stimulating area.

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Excite Your Partner:

There are many things that you can do, once you have located the G-spot. It is a sensitive part that directly reacts to direct pressure. So, touching and playing around with it, isn’t sufficient. Also, don’t think of doing the act too fast or slow, as it will not satisfy your partner at all. No doubt, the fingering is the 1st thing that will stimulate her.

Don’t be too rigorous or wild while rubbing your fingers against this sensitive area, as it might hurt her. Rather you can begin slowly and steadily. Ensure that it creates the pressure and excitement that will make every lovemaking session very special. Rub your fingers against her vagina wall in up and down motion.

Circular and 8 movement will equally excite her and arouse her. In this way, you can firmly locate the sensitive part and amuse your partner, in a manner she expects you to do. Observe your partner and intensify the movements. With experience you will surely know about foreplay that will excite your partner.

Many a times, your partner might feel like peeing, as clitoris is located close to the urethra. However, it is just a sensation and is quite normal. In this case, you can relax your partner and help her to let go of the feeling.

Sexual Positions:

You can further create a strong sexual urge by entering deep into her through different angles or positions. Ensure that it is stimulating her G-spot and not causing any pain. Doggy, missionary, and many others are some of the poses that will surely excite both of you. Allow your partner to help you as well, as she knows the location that will excite her.

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