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Create Freshness In Your Relationship - Build Excitement With Moves

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Intimacy is always better for your health. In fact, it is one of the best ways to lose your weight and lead a healthy life. Morning sex will always keep your mood alight and you can carry out any impossible task, with ease. You have a wonderful partner and you love spending each and every moment with her. There is something special about her, which you haven’t been able to find out yet.

You feel complete with her on the bed, and she takes care of all your sexual needs. Guys, it’s a good news. If you feel that you are content then think it over. There are so many things that you might have not yet tried with her. You still love, it’s good. Despite of this fact there are so many things that you could do to revive your relationship and get back the undiscovered freshness.

Don’t take her for granted

With so many years of togetherness she might not want to tell you about her fantasies or sexual desires. There is no age or restrictions trying a new position or style, when it comes to bedroom performance. Some of the relationships break up, because couples couldn’t find anything in common that could keep them bounded in a relationship.

It is fine to fight with her, but don’t make it a regular habit. Of course you had a bad day today, but don’t vent it on her. Despite knowing this fact, if you picked up a quarrel with her, then try to work a way out to compensate her. Nothing can be better than a simple gift like chocolates or sexy lingerie’s.

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What is Bad Sex?

Guys don’t forget bad sex will not only impact your health, but can ruin your relationship as well. There was a time, when you could easily excite her and stimulate her sexuality. With the passage of time, things might have changed. Though she might not tell you that, but she is bored with your sexual moves. In fact, she knows what your next move will be, and if this happens then there is no excitement left in the relationship.

She needs more excitement and variety than you do. It is your responsibility to understand her needs. This is how you lay the foundation for a healthy and cheerful life. Sometimes depression and stress reduces your libido, and if this happens constantly then she will lose interest in you.

You are smart enough to understand how it will affect your relationship. Well how many of you know what is bad sex. Some might relate it to sexual incapability, while others easily blame on their partner’s disinterest.

Guys make an effort to understand the word ‘sex’ from her point of view. She might love more of oral sex, and you merely concentrate on anal. Well there is no way that you can excite her and make her happy. She might have indicated once or rather many times, but your excitement and selfishness never let you notice them.

Instead of forcing your opinion on her, communicate with her and understand what she needs. This will strengthen your relationship and bonding as well.

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