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To Please Her The Way She Wants To Be In The Bedroom

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If it would have just been about trying the tips and techniques in the bedroom, almost every next guy would have been a Sex-God. After all, what it takes to try those “effective” techniques, you just need to read about those online and try those in the bedroom. Isn’t it? However, the truth is quite far from it, and yes you well know that.

Only knowing about the bedroom-techniques and trying those, aren’t sufficient to please your girl completely in the bedroom. Of course, those techniques are quite effective, and can be of great help for you in the bedroom. However, there is required much more to know about, so that you can take your woman to sky-high level of physical and emotional contentment in the bedroom.

The Psychological And Emotional Involvement

It might seem to you a bit confusing, as being a guy for you sexual pleasure is just getting inside her, thrusting it, and finally to cum. Besides, as soon as you look at her naked body, her tight ass, huge breasts, you get turned on and ready to start it. The moment you start the session with her, the only thing you are motivated to is, about your physical pleasure and contentment. However, things are a bit different with those girls.

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For them, of course physical pleasure matters, but making love is much more about emotional and psychological contentment too. It really matters to them as whether or not the real feelings and love too are involved in the process. Whether or not they are happy in their relationships and most significantly whether or not they are stress-free, happy, and confident enough. It’s only after you have built that emotional bond and connection with her, and only after she is all contented, stress-free, and happy in her relationship, she is going to experience the ecstasy of making love.

The Involvement Of All The Five Senses

Needless to mention, guys are emotional creatures and get turned on with every erotic sight, be it even as mere as a porn clip. However, it is not the same with women. It’s only through the five senses that you can bring a woman to that mental and physical state where she is ready to surrender herself to you, and participate too actively in the session.

Hence, you may try enhancing the environment of the room with soft-romantic music, and a dim light scented candle. Besides, you may also offer her a royal wine, or a sweet chocolate for the “taste” factor. Remember, the more you try to make the situation and the environment lovable and favorable to her mood, the better would be the results you can expect. Needless to mention, when you take all these efforts to make her feel special, it would significantly be a very emotional thing for her.

It’s the Process That Matters Much more Than the Final Climax

You need to remember this point with all your heart. Hence, from the next time, having sex with her needn’t be mere getting inside her and to cum. Instead, you need to try your best to make her enjoy the process too.

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