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Improve Your Sex Life With These Useful Sex Tips For Men

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Men are often under pressure for satisfying their partner in bed and giving them orgasm (which is difficult to achieve). However, there are several handy tips and by following them, you will not only be able to bring rejoice in your dull sex life, but will also help you in satisfying your partner in a better way. Let’s read about some of them.

Talk about sex

Whether you are married for long time or dating someone, talking about sex always help in creating good environment in your relationship. However, it does not mean you keep on talking only about sex. Instead, whenever you are in good mood, ask your partner what she would love to do in bed with you or ask about her sexual fantasies.

You should definitely tell about your taste when asked. Also, make sure that you do not exaggerate the topics. Instead, ask her about what’s her plan for the night. This will not only look decent, but also entice her in the same time.

Help her and touch her

Help you wife in the household work. The sooner she is free from household chore, the more time she has for sexual activities. Well, you can be a bit interesting and creative in household work too. Do not leave any chance of touching her during the work.

Foreplay can be an interesting idea in case your wife has a lot of home-stuffs to do. As soon as the work is completed, you both will be aroused fully to enjoy stress free night as soon as possible.

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Try different postures

Sex can be boring some times, especially, if it’s done in the same way. However, you can easily make it interesting by adding a daily dose of new postures. You can buy a “kamasutra” book, which contains more than 100 sexual poses. You can also try other versions of sexual activities.

Just bring the syrup or lube of flavour, which your lady likes and start you game. Edible lubes not only help you in easy sex/anal sex, but also increase the pleasure of oral sex as well. Similarly chocolate syrup on her genitals or sensitive areas like neck, breasts etc. can be a great way of having interesting foreplay.

Improve yourself as a person

Take good care of yourself. Make sure you improve as a person. The happier you keep your wife, the more likely she will enjoy having sex with you. Take good care of her, especially during menstruation.

Apart from your inner-self, also ensure that you maintain yourself from outside as well. Shave daily (not only face but also the genital area). A pricking beard is not liked by anyone. Moreover, it can also cause rashes and irritation during oral sex and foreplay. Make sure you shave your private areas, if not daily, but before sex.


Just follow these simple steps and see how your sexual life will bloom. Be gentle and handle her with care!

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