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Stop Being A Backup Guy Before It’s Late

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Do you feel she calls or talks to you only when she needs to get some work done? Do you feel she never bothers about you otherwise and never cancels any of her plans to be with you? Well, if you are in such a situation then understand that you are just a ‘backup guy’ for her and nothing else.

Being a backup guy means you are someone with whom she will spend time only when there is no one else around. She does not have any special feeling for you however you like her a lot.

What can you do in such a situation?

First of all be bold and accept it that she feels nothing about you. She might be flirting around with you, and check if its only you with whom she does so. Now, since you have figured it out that your relation is not going anywhere, it is better that you control your emotions towards and plan to move on. There is nothing wrong with you and so you need not to settle with someone who is not crazy about you.

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Remember chase is a lot of fun, but it needs to be two way. It will frustrate you over a period of time if you figure out, that its only you who is chasing and she just does not even care for it. Try to find someone who cares for you and loves you for what you are. You don’t have to live with the tag of the backup guy.

Yes, it is time to move on:

Since, you are clear with your situation don’t compromise with it, just because you like her. You need to move on and find someone perfect for you. Let her know that you don’t find any future in this relationship, and so it is good that you both part ways. It is important that she knows that you are no longer waiting for her and nor you wish to entertain her anymore.

What if being honest does not work?

Well, if it does not work and she still keeps on calling you to get her work done, then simply start avoiding her. Remember, if you phone is ringing it does not mean you have to answer it. Take the charge and boldly avoid her. You know that she is using you, and it is your responsibly to respect yourself. Avoid her and one day she will get the message.

It is great to be around with someone who makes you feel special. Just don’t keep on running after someone who even don’t respect you and don’t care for you at all. Love is fun and you won’t be able to feel it until you have someone who chases you equally. There are girls who would love to spend quality time with you and make an effort to know you better. So, stop being a backup guy before it’s too late. Move on to find a relationship that will keep you happy always.

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