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Picking Up A Woman Is Not Too Hard

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Picking up a woman and being comfortable with the process takes time and a lot of practice. You also need to feel and sound natural for it to really work.

This takes a lot of time (and failures) to perfect. However, wise people use the experience (and results of trial and error methods others used) accumulated by others and succeed with much less effort and heartbreaks.

It Is Easy If You Know How

Simple pick up lines usually work best - Most men, in their anxiety to impress, overdo the pick up lines and come out as superficial and pompous.

Not many women like it when men try too hard. So, leave the corny stuff at the door and approach with simple lines. 'Hello, I am Brad. May I know your name?' or 'Hi! Can I join you for a drink?' or 'I have never seen you around here. Are you new in town?'

Laugh at yourself and you will always score - women (and everyone else) love a person who can laugh at himself. So you could start a conversation by cracking a joke on yourself.

Be liberal with self-criticism - it makes you look vulnerable as it makes you look secure enough not to worry about exposing your weak points to others. This is a very endearing trait that most women find irresistible.

Smile a lot - a very old and popular adage says, 'Smile, it improves your face value' - and it is so true. Everybody becomes more attractive with a smile on his/her face.

A smile also inspires trust and promotes friendship. People who smile a lot not only feel good about themselves, but also make others around them comfortable. Most women love men who smile easily and would like to strike a conversation with them.

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Talk from the heart - whatever line you choose, be yourself. When you act to impress, you actually come across as false and insecure.

The best way to talk to a woman is the way you really are. After all, if she likes you in this way then you have some hope of a future relationship. If not, can you fake it forever?

Make her a small token gift - take a long stemmed rose to her, a origami flower made out of your napkin, or a chocolate and pay her a genuine compliment.

Like, 'I wanted you to have this flower because it matches you so well. By the way, I am Brad.' This is a very sweet way to open a conversation - provided it is done with complete genuineness.

There are other things that would help when you are planning to pick up a woman that you like. Check these out:

Sometimes, just meeting of the eyes would be sufficient to say that you are interested to know her better.

You could also try to get included in the group she is talking/ hanging around with.

You could maneuver yourself to be seated next to her and work into a conversation.

You could ask her to dance - and dance with no one else.

In general, you need to make her feel good to be around you - and you will have a good chance hitting off with her.

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