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Who Should Be Taking Control In A Dating Relationship

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Taking control of your dating relationship is very vast issue. In every relationship, both men and women are battling for control. In most cases there is a leader and a follower. To lead a healthy and long lasting relationship, both the partners have to sacrifice. However, it does not mean that you have hand over all the power to your partner.

On the contrary, you both have to sacrifice your self- boosted image and get ready to compromise. However, never let your partner take complete control of the relationship or else he/she will start taking you for granted.

Both men and women should not allow their partners to take complete control of their dating relationship. Everyone needs to expend some efforts to win the affection of their beloved. In order to lead a successful relationship, neither take nor allow your partner to take complete control. Share your responsibilities and learn the art of sacrifice.

A balance of power has to be maintained in every dating relationship in order to have a control over it. Encourage your partner to observe your relationship as a balance for sharing power rather than fighting to take total control over it. By sharing power in a relationship, you can lay a strong foundation for your love to build up and grow on.

Hence, to lead a long lasting dating relationship, you’ll need to learn how to share and control the power. Every relationship is a give and take situation. You have to create a balance in your relationship that nobody tries to take complete control over the other.

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Each partner will have different wants and ideas. The other partner has to respect those wants and ideas in order to maintain that balance in the relationship.

However, if your partner becomes unrealistic or unreasonable in their requests, you have to stand up for your relationship and reject their requests. This will make your partner realize that you cannot be used as per their whims. In order to control your dating relationship and make it work, both partners must put equal efforts.

In a dating relationship, it is baffling how one partner admires and follows the other who shows confidence. It is very important to maintain self esteem and love of self. Once you start respecting yourselves, your partner will also start respecting your views and opinions.

However, both the partners in a dating relationship cannot always agree on every problem. To take control of your relationship, you have to sometimes tolerate differences that cannot be resolved at that moment. You and your partner cannot always agree on every issue, there will be some differences. It doesn’t mean that your partner is taking control of the relationship.

Always bear in your mind that a dating relationship needs both the partners to contribute and respect each other’s viewpoints and feelings. A relationship can last for a long time only if both the partners understand each other, share the responsibilities and maintain a balance.

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