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Problems Caused In Dating Relationships For Not Picking Phone Calls

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In dating relationships what is it about phone calls and men. Usually most men cannot seem to bring themselves to pick up phone calls of the girl they are dating. This is generally seen as a never ending problem.

After calling the men we are dating and if they do not pick up the phone call we usually await a return call. If your boyfriend does not call you back then what problems are caused in dating relationships.

1. In such times if you continuously keep calling your boyfriend and he does not give return call stop calling him. Through your actions show him that you are patiently waiting for his call. Leave him alone and show him that you are worth his time or effort.

2. Albeit a day passed without his return call wait patiently don’t be tempted to call him because by doing you will not be sending him the right message.

3. Step back for awhile and analyze whether you need to continue dating relationships with a man who do not spend a few moments out of his day to answer your call and to care about you. If you don’t call him for enough time he will call back with curiosity to find who else may be calling you and giving you attention.

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4. Women mostly behave in such an impatient way since they want remedy to any problems in their dating relationships as soon as possible. Ultimately this will be translated into telling their boyfriend that they are not happy with his behavior and then insist him to promise to call them quiet often. You feel angry or hurt if he does not keep up to his promise.

5. In dating relationships most women complain that their boyfriend do not call them. It causes frustration at times when you are in a relationship with a man who cannot even pick up the phone call you make. When it is you who call him always is never amusive and it can easily lead to feelings of frustration and rejection.

6. One of the best possible ways to get him to call you is to stop reaching him through phone. If he commits to call you and then doesn't, do not pick up the phone to call him. By calling him again and again you are making him to take you for granted and conveying him that he can break his promises without reverberations.

7. Tensions might prevail in you for sometime because of not calling but if you call him over and over again it will not change his habit of not picking up calls. The best effective method is not call him until you hear from him.

8. Women usually get anxious about this and fear that their dating relationships will get spoiled by just not reaching out to him. That is not true he will call. He will pick up the phone and dial your number the moment he realizes you haven't been in touch.

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