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4 Ways To Make Your Sperm Stronger, Faster, And More Fertile

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Besides his ability to perform optimally in the bedroom – which is dependent on his sex drive, sexual stamina and erectile function – a man’s fertility also lies in the health of his sperms. You could be releasing a whole load of semen that makes you feel like a real man, but the question is; is your sperm sufficiently strong, fast and fertile? If you suspect that you are failing in this area, and wish to witness an improvement, there are a couple of things you can do. Here, we look at just four of them.

Watch your diet

The food you eat is a huge determinant of the health of your sperm. Besides eating a well-balanced diet, include other foods such as oysters (for sperm production), dark chocolate (for antioxidants), garlic and broccoli (for sperm motility), asparagus (for volume), and walnuts (for increasing sperm count). Remember to ditch junk foods and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Also, consider cutting down on caffeine as it hurts your sperm concentration as well as sperm count.

Stop cigarette smoking

Besides giving you bad breath and causing penis shrinkage, cigarette smoking also interferes with your sperm count. That’s not all. Smoking also affects the speed and the size of your little boys. It all melts down to the effect the content of cigarettes has on the balance of the proteins present in your testes. Your body is designed to maintain this balance naturally, but it gets destabilized if you smoke. By lowering the levels of protamine 2 (protein), smoking disturbs your testicular system, and your sperm won’t be spared.

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Drink in moderation

Excessive consumption of alcohol only makes you feel cool temporarily. It has never solved anyone’s problems in this world – and it never will. The only thing it does is make you forget your problems or miseries for a short while, before forcing you to nurse that annoying hangover. If not taken in moderation, alcohol gives you more problems.

For starters, alcohol interferes with the proper functioning of your liver, causing a dramatic increase in your estrogen levels. This means that estrogen accumulates in your body, instead of the sex hormone, testosterone, and in turn, prevents effective production of sperm. Alcohol is also said to hurt the ability of your body to absorb vitamin A – a critical component in semen production. The situation is particularly bad for individuals who consume alcohol on a daily basis.

Male enhancement supplements

You can never go wrong with supplements – as long as you choose the right ones. Apart from making dietary and lifestyle adjustments, you may want to invest in an effective male fertility supplement. There are so many of them in the market that you will be spoilt for choice. Of utmost importance is to know what to look for in a supplement, in terms of ingredients. Look for supplements containing ingredients capable of improving the health of your sperm such as maca root (herb), L-Carnitine, folic acid, vitamin B12, and C as well as zinc.

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