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5 Reasons Why Semen Is The Healthiest Substance Ever For Your Female Partner

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Semen is mostly known for the role it plays in transporting sperm. However, the seminal fluid does not only contain sperm. It has several other ingredients that offer a wide array of health benefits. For instance, while the taste of semen may differ between individuals, it has a sweet taste – attributed to the presence of fructose. In this post, we look at the five surprising reasons why semen is one of the healthiest substances that a woman can ever interact with.

These benefits are said to be enjoyed when a man deposits the semen into the vagina of a woman. While one may enjoy similar benefits if they swallowed the semen, but not in the same magnitude as the ones ingested vaginally, owing to the interference of the elements associated with the digestive system. According to some theories, semen deposited anally is also beneficial to the recipient.

One of the best medicines for insomnia

Nothing compares to how nagging insomnia can get. It’s annoying when you have to spend even one night staring at the ceiling. Has your partner been complaining of many sleepless nights? Encourage her to ditch those over the counter sleeping pills, and instead, point her to the importance of engaging in fulfilling sexual escapades. It’s not just about sex. Rather, it’s more of ensuring that she ingest that semen – whether vaginally, anally, or orally. Of utmost importance is that the semen gets into her bloodstream. Semen contains a chemical that not only helps her relax but also induces sleep.

A dose of multi-vitamin (with each ejaculation)

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Wonders will never cease! Apparently, a teaspoon of your semen carries more than 200 proteins and an array of several useful minerals and vitamins. They include nitrogen, magnesium, fructose, chlorine, vitamin C and B12, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, lactic acid and citric acid among many others. Don’t you dare sleep on the job! You don’t want her to miss those doses of multivitamins.

Slows down aging

Without a doubt, you want your woman to maintain her youthful characteristics for the longest time. In any case, she is your pride, the very air that you breathe. Or am I wrong? As stated above, zinc is one of the most useful minerals present in every ejaculate. While the vitamins present in every ejaculation may differ from one man to another – depending on their health status and age – there is a substantial amount of zinc present. An antioxidant, zinc assists in decelerating the aging process. Combine the ingested semen with regular physical exercises, and your woman will easily maintain that youthful look for the longest time.

Prevents preeclampsia

Is your woman pregnant? If no, do you guys have plans of having a baby soon? If yes, it is imperative that you understand the importance of carrying on with regular sex even after conception. Every couple hopes and prays that every pregnancy will be healthy from the beginning to the end. Among other things, men ought to know that semen can help a woman maintain pregnancy.

If she agrees to swallow semen during oral sex, her chances of suffering pre-eclampsia decrease significantly. Nevertheless, if she doesn’t agree, don’t push it. In any case, vaginal ingestion of semen is also known to deliver similar benefits – only that the magnitude differs.Preeclampsia is a disorder of the high blood pressure associated with pregnancy. Some medical practitioners also believe that when a woman is in the full-term of her pregnancy, or already past due time, the prostaglandins present in semen can help induce labor. However, this theory is yet to be proved.

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