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Few Common Causes Of Low Sperm Count

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In the recent years, there have been numerous cases of low sperm count in males all across the globe. Hence, it’s always advisable to know about the factors that can lead to this issue, and to refrain yourself from these.

Certain Prescription Drugs

You might not ever give a second thought before purchasing an antidepressant from the market, if you are feeling low and depressed in your life. However, do you know that this temporary remedy for your problem can be a cause of life-time concern? Yes, it’s true that most of the common antidepressant drugs can cause potential damages to the DNA in your sperm.

To analyze this effect of antidepressants there was carried out a study in which 35 healthy men were given paroxetine which is usually sold as Seroxat or Paxil. They were quite fertile and had no such issues with their sperm count or sperm health.

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However, within just four weeks of this treatment, there was found an increment in the proportion of their sperm cells with fragmented DNA. Only within this short period of time, it raised from 13 percent to almost 40 percent. Just for your info, yet another common antidepressant SSRI is reported to have an adverse impact on the libido in many men and women.

Ok, so by now you have an idea about how these antidepressants and other such medications can be quite to your fertility. However, this might come as a real shock to you that certain prescription drugs for enlarged prostate treatment and hair growth can lead to fertility issues and low sperm count. Hence, before trusting on any medication or drug, you need to research well about it online. Besides, you may also seek for your personal doctor’s suggestions.

Fast Food And Cola

One of the most common lifestyle-factors that lead to low sperm count in men these days is their dependence on junk foods and cola. They are merely concerned about their taste-buds, and don’t find sufficient time to have a healthy diet daily. These foods and cola have a great adverse impact on one’s sperm count and its health.

Dr. Tina Kold of Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark carried out a study on 2,500 young and healthy men. The study clearly revealed that fast foods and cola can significantly impact the sperm count in men. Among those 2.500 men, those who were much dependent on cola and fast foods had significantly lower sperm count. To be more precise, their average sperm count was revealed as around 35 million per milliliter. However, rest of the men who didn’t prefer cola and junk foods has much more sperm count summing up to around even 50 million per milliliter on an average.

Smoking Or Substance Abuse

It has always a significant cause behind infertility issues in men. Smoking, drugs consumption, substance abuse, marijuana etc. can hinder the total count, and growth and development of sperm. Besides, these also affect their motility and health, and hence they aren’t capable enough to swim and fertilize a woman’s egg.

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