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High Fat Diet Can Lead To Lower Sperm Quantity And Quality

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The ever increasing number of males with fertility issues all across the globe, compelled researchers and health experts to find out the significant reasons for the same. Among those results, high fat diet has been alleged as one of the most leading factors for lower sperm count and other infertility issues.

The Proof

To analyze the effect of having saturated fats regularly, in men’s fertility, there was carried out a study in the year 2008 to 2010, by a team from Copenhagen, Denmark. They examined around 701 young Danish men, who were ready to get into the military service, and most of them were around 20 years of age. They took a detailed note of their eating habits and collected their semen sample for the analysis.

Among them, who ate the most saturated fat stuffs had significantly lower sperm count and concentration as compared to those who ate least of it. To be more precise, their sperm count was 41 percent and sperm concentration was 38 percent lower than those who weren’t much into fatty foods.

Not Only Quantity But Even Quality Of Sperm Gets Affected

Most of the studies and researches in this context have always been mainly focused on the effect of high saturated fats on the sperm count. However, as a significant point of these studies and researches there has also been revealed that such fats can greatly affect the quality of sperm also.

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Believe it or not, but saturated fats can have an adverse effect on the health of the sperm, its motility, and agility too. As an effect of these fats, sperm can lose its capability to swim and reach your woman’s egg. Besides, they might also lack their activeness.

So What To Avoid And What To Prefer

Needless to mention, you need to avoid those junk and fast foods to prevent yourself from such consequences of fats on the health and number of your sperm. As a matter of fact, the modern lifestyle has made people all across the globe, more and more dependent on fast foods. No wonder, there has been an ever increasing number of males with fertility issues since the last few decades.

They say that in the olden day’s problems like low sperm count and low fertility were almost unheard. However, the modern hard and fast life has “gifted” men will all such unwanted issues.

Hence, to be on the safer side, you need to avoid too much of fried foods, butter, processed meats, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and other such foods that has not much hydrogenated oils. It’s also true that most of these also enhance the chances of high cholesterol and other heart related issues in people.

You need to prefer more and more of green vegetables, fruits, wheat, barley, oats, grains, eggs, bananas etc. in your daily diet. Remember, most of the health issues that you deal with in your daily lives are in a way related to what you eat regularly.

Low sperm count, and fertility issues are none among the exceptions. Hence, you may improve your sperm count, health, and fertility, by being more concerned about your daily diet.

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