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You Are What You Eat - Useful Food Menu To Improve Your Fertility

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More than the semen quantity, the quality matters a lot. Many men tend to ignore its relevance and continue doing wrong things that will affect their sexual life. Exercises, healthy food, and stress free life is a simple and effective formula to lead a happy life. However, not many are able to do so, because of hectic lifestyle.

Have you ever checked the type of food you eat? You love tasty food, but did you check its consequences on your health and especially sexual life, if not, then it is time to do so. Men who complain about lower sexual interest, semen count, and ejaculation problem have to check on what they eat.

Change the diet

It is necessary to include food that has high percentage of nutrition and zinc in it. This diet will increase the semen count and will make it more mobile. Your load quantity might be good, but if it doesn’t float then it is of no use at all. A healthy diet will keep you healthy and sexually active.

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Zinc is one of the most important ingredients that are necessary for better sexual performance. You need at least 15 mg per day to enjoy proper health. As per a research conducted by the US department of agriculture researches proved that men usually lose around 9 percent of the total zinc present in the body, whenever they ejaculate.

It is thus recommended to include maximum quantity of zinc in your diet. Another food that is also a must is oysters. This natural food will improve your sexual performance by providing you with enough nutrition and proteins to your body. The other foods that you can add to your diet system are eggs, pumpkins, sesame seeds, and some red meat.

Understand what you eat

Apart from diet it is also necessary to exercise properly, so that your body remains fit and fine. As per experts, good quantity of minerals in your food will increase the sperm mobility, which is necessary to impregnate her.

The chances of impregnating her reduces, when your sperm are abnormal shaped. Instead of flowing out, it might float inside your body. Men can easily overcome such problem by consuming rich food that is completely healthy. With good food you can increase the testosterone count.

When the number of selenium in your body is low, it creates lots of problem and some of them can be quite serious. Though there are medicines to cure this issue, it is always recommended to change the diet and eat healthy food. Low selenium level might cause miscarriage and in some cases DNA deficiency.

In such a case, you can eat Brazil nuts, which will naturally increase the count. All you need to do is eat them 5 days a week, and enjoy the result. In addition, semen supplement food is something that would not want to miss upon, as it has helped hundreds to increase the count naturally. Yoghurt, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and others will surely give you better results.

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