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Few Misconceptions And True Facts Related To Fertility

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Infertility has become quite common issue these days in both, men and women. There are many myths about infertility in men. The truth about this problem is hardly known to people. Some food items may or may not affect your fertility, but until and unless you are sure about the effects, you will hesitate consuming them.

Many believe that fertility drugs could lead to multiple pregnancies. Besides this, people think that excessive presence of body fat in women could affect their fertility. Do you know how far these statements are correct? Read on to learn more about various myths and facts about infertility in men and women.

Truth - Soya can reduce sperm count

Soya contains a very high level of genistein, which is oestrogen like compound. It could result in reduced libido, and decline fertility in men. Thus, you should take soya free alternative in your diet. On the other hand, soya is a good source of zinc. Therefore, to keep the zinc balance perfect in body, take soya free alternatives along with zinc supplements.

Truth - Heat generated in laptop kills sperms

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When you work for long duration keeping the laptop on your lap, it will affect the sperms. A study conducted by the State University reveals that the heat generated in laptop is enough to impair sperm production.

Truth – excessive fats lead to infertility

In most of the cases, it has been found that obese men are infertile due to reduced sperm count and abnormal sperms. Excessive body fat can affect the production of gonadotropin releasing hormone, which is quite essential in the production of sperm. The standard BMI for fertility is in between 18.5 to 25.

Myth – Bological cycle only exist in women

It is not at all correct when you say that biological cycle only exist in women. Men too have biological clock. It has been found that a child born from father after the age of 50 is more susceptible to birth defects because there are several changes in sperm quality at this age.

Myth – infertility is incurable

Few years ago, there was only one treatment associated with infertility in men that is sperm donation, but now lots of treatments are available for treating infertility in both men and women such as ICSI (intra-cystoplasmic sperm injection). In this treatment, a single sperm is injected in the ovary to fertilize the egg. Thus, it is a myth that infertility is incurable. Other than treatments, men should avoid smoking, drinking and hot bath in tub for enhancing their fertility rate.

Myth – fertility drugs could lead to multiple pregnancies

It has been noticed that many childless women give birth to multiple children after taking fertility pills, but multiple pregnancies are not because of fertility drugs. They actually occur due to ovulation drugs. It is said that correct sex position can lead to pregnancy, but the truth is that sex position has nothing to do with pregnancy. Researchers have found no such evidence, but they believe that it is a very good research topic.

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