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Royal Jelly – An Effective Medicine For Curing Infertility

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Royal Jelly is secreted by young worker bees to feed the queen and young embryos. Young embryos are fed with this miraculous jelly for 3 days after their birth, but the queen continuously takes it throughout her life. This jelly is rich in nutrients and helps in enhancing the fertility rate. The continuous intake of jelly helps the queen bee to produce more than 2000 eggs every day.

Composition of Royall jelly

Protein and Vitamin are abundant in it. There is a huge proportion of vitamin B complex in this jelly. Pantothenic acid in Vitamin B has been found to be effective for longevity. A study was also conducted to check out its anti-oxidant property and was found to be effective in the mechanism of CP-induced sperm toxicity. It also contains high levels of compounds with estrogenic properties. It could show estrogen activities through synergy with estrogen receptors.

Fertility test on rabbits

To find the effectiveness of royal jelly for curing fertility, a study was conducted on rabbits, which were suffering from “summer infertility”. Researchers induced the jelly in rabbits, and it was found that there was an increase in the volume of seminal plasma fructose, testosterone and total sperm count. The number of dead sperms and abnormal sperms was quite less, and the sperm motility was improved to a certain extent. Calcium and Phosphorous were highly increased in their body. Thus, this jelly was found to be very helpful in counteracting summer infertility in heat stressed rabbits.

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Similar results were observed when this jelly was tried on many other animals. This substance proved to be great in enhancing the reproductive performances in Ewes. Findings conclude that the conjunction of royal jelly and exogenous progesterone helped in improving the pregnancy rate and estrus response in Ewes.

A study conducted on rats suffering from low estrogen

To test its estrogenic properties, a study was conducted on rats, which were suffering from low estrogen. Findings revealed that the uterine cells increased in size. Estrogen is mandatory substance for healthy bones and it is also imperative for a healthy menstrual cycle. Those who are suffering from issues related to bones, weakened uterine muscles, and irregular menstrual cycle, will be benefited from this jelly.

Royal jelly – A cure for infertility in men and women

After several tests conducted in different animals, it was tried on human beings. Findings conclude that it is a very effective treatment for curing infertility in both men and women. However, this jelly alone is not enough. It works well in synergy with other essential ingredients. When this jelly is combined with bee pollen, honey, folic acid, calcium, zinc, damiana leaf, Magnesium, Vitamin C, E, B12, B6, A, Thiamin, Niacinamide and Pantothenic acid, it becomes quite effective for infertility treatment.

Several products have been made with these compounds. The reason behind infertility in women and men are different, thus few specific ingredients are mixed with the above mentioned elements in royal jelly. For example, the product for women is mixed with iron, Red Raspberry leaf, and Evening primrose oil etc. whereas the products for men is piled with Selenium, copper, L-Carnitine, L-Glutathione.

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