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Delicacies That Can Help To Improve The Sperm Count

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You might have heard that certain foods can help in keeping a number of sexual issues at bay and also help to improve the sperm count, but not all these foods have to be according to our liking. This is where you might need to be a little creative and come up with your own recipes to build your appetite on such foods.

Foods that Can be Included in Different Recipes

Depending on the dishes you are making, you need to involve foods that contain a lot of zinc and essential vitamins that are important for your body. Adding oysters to your diet can help to improve the testosterone levels in the body. Clams and liver both contain higher amounts of vitamin B12 that can improve the sperm motility. These all will make a wonderful seafood platter.

If you are on the healthy side in respect to weight, then you might want to watch your diet. Add a lot of green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, legumes, spinach, and broccoli as these are known to be rich in Vitamin E.

Bear in mind to include a lot of fruit juices into your diet. Fruits such as oranges and lime contain Vitamin C that can help in increasing the sperm count and semen quality in men. In many cases, the root cause of low sperm count might be Vitamin A deficiencies that can be easily corrected by including carrots, oatmeal, dried apricots and red peppers in your diet.

Adding Eggs to Your Daily Diet

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Eggs are generally used every day for breakfast at some households. This is actually good since eggs can not only help to increase the sperm count, but can also help in improving the chances of conception in couples.

Eggs are high in Vitamin E, which helps in fighting the negative impact of the free radicals in our body since they contain antioxidants. You can make an egg salad or add it to milk. You can even boil them or have them in a scrambled form.

Brazilian Nuts Too Can Do the Trick

Brazilian nuts can be found in many of the stores. These nuts can be included into your daily diet or can be consumed in their natural state. These nuts are rich in selenium that is an important mineral that can help in the development of more sperm in the body.

In addition to improving the sperm count, it also helps in regulating proper blood circulation to the sexual organs in the body. You can even mix these nuts with almonds, walnuts and raisins and gulp these down with a glass of milk.

All these foods are used in our everyday lives, but very few of us know the importance they have in our lives. Having a mix and match of the above foods in our daily life will not only make a huge difference in our sexual lives, but will also help in the overall functioning of our hearts, liver and other essential organs or our body.

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