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Male Ejaculation And Orgasms Are Two Different Aspects

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Sexual intercourse is not only the release of semen into the vagina. There are a lot of aspects that are involved into the process. Two such things are ejaculation and orgasms. While, many of us might be under the perception that orgasm and ejaculation are one and the same things, some might beg to differ.

Types of Orgasm in Men

Many men experience different kinds of orgasm depending on their sensitivity and libido levels. While some men might be able to orgasm once, others might experience orgasms multiple types before they are completely sated.

Orgasm occurs when there is positive response to sexual stimulation of our genital organs. Not only men, even females experience orgasms, which consists of many sub types namely vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

The standard type of male orgasm is where men are able to reach their peak by oral sex, prostate stimulation or by masturbation. Men generally orgasms every time they indulge in sexual activities, whereas woman might not reach orgasms at all times. Men need to be extremely patient when it comes to sexual pleasing their partners.

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Another type of orgasm is the dry orgasm. In this type of orgasm men are able to reach their climax without ejaculating. Many men experience such orgasms at some point in their lives, but if this problem persists then a doctor’s interference is needed. Any delay in treating this issue can leads to problems in conceiving.

Multiple orgasms can be achieved by both men and women. This occurs when a person experiences a number of orgasms in a row. You might need to include in a lot of foreplay and oral sex to make this happen.

What Happens During Ejaculation

Ejaculation involves movement of the pelvic muscles to ejaculate the semen from the penis. Many men experience different kinds of ejaculations namely premature and delayed. Premature ejaculation is when men lose control over their erections and ejaculate almost immediately by the slightest simulation.

Delayed orgasm is when men are not able to ejaculate semen even after being sexually aroused. This can keep men on the edge at all times and leave them feel embarrassed or depressed.

How Is Ejaculation Different From Orgasm

Orgasm calms the body, mind and soul. You feel completely sated and relaxed. Ejaculation on the other hand is the release of sexual energy. Here after ejaculating men lose their erections and might feel tired. Some might even sleep off immediately not caring what their partners want post sex.

Ejaculations cannot happen one after the other. Men need time to recover and gather their stamina and strength to indulge in sex a second time. Orgasms free you from tensions and worries. In simple words, it revitalizes your entire body.

Maintain a healthy sexual relationship with our partner can help to strengthen the bond of love in the relationship. It rejuvenates yourself and makes you feel loved and cherished. If both of you are adventurous and like to try out new ways of bringing each other to orgasms, then there a lot of websites that can help you in the process.

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